Lletz Procedure

Hi there,

I was wondering if anyone could please put my mind at rest! I had an abnormal smear test a few months ago and then I was sent for a colposcopy and it hurts so much. I read online that a lot of woman sailed through theirs but I was in a lot of pain towards then end of it. Anyway yesterday I recieved my results as they had to take a biopsy and in the letter it says that I have CIN1/CIN2 slightly higher results than what my smear test had shown.

Anyway I am so scared about having to have a Lletz done. Will I be put to sleep or will it just be a local anesthetic? I don't think I could go through that pain again.


Thank you



Hi I had a colposcopy done a few years back and they did punch biopsies which I found quite uncomfortable. Had lletz done 5 weeks ago, local anaesthetic, and can honestly say it didn’t hurt one bit and they took a lot away. Hope that helps :slight_smile:

Completely second pegasus84's comment - I found the colposcopy/biopsy quite painful and unpleasant but had no issues with the LLETZ - didon't feel a thing (not even really the injection and definitely not the treatment itself). It's no-where near as bad as you are imagining, I promise you that x

Totally agree with the ladies above - I found the colposcopy much more painful than the LLETZ because you have no anesthetic. I have a really low pain threshold and I didn't even feel the anesthetic given before the LLETZ. They took a lot away from me aswell and I did have a dull ache for the rest of the day once the numbness had worn off but nothing more than bad period pains.

Katy x

Asa’s above!!
LA went in and I didn’t feel anything. Try not to worry, once you’ve had it done you’ll wonder what all the fuss was about :slight_smile:
Don x

Hi Stacey, i also found my colposcopy n biopsies very upsetting n quite painfull. I was dreading my Lletz treatment. But i was amazed how quick and painless the Lletz actually was. I couldn’t believe she’d finished that quickly after my nightmare colposcopy n biopsies that seemed to last forever. Take care x

Hi There

Mine is being performed under GA and I found myself wondering if I would prefer the opposite.......only because thats the norm! I think the reason I am having it under GA is because the location of the cells means they have to take a larger area and that I might bleed (I bled like mad on my Colposcopy and biopsies) and also because I was an absolute nervous wreck, I would imagine that I almost clamped my lady bits shut while she tried to take biopsies!

If you are really really worried....you could ask if its possible to have under GA? Even if they say no at least you have asked?


Thank you so much for all your kind comments. I think because of the bad experience I had with the colposcopy. I was in so much pain towards the end that I am dreading having the Letz done. Also what are the after effects of haveing the procedure done? I was thinking of maybe asking to go under GA :) x

Hi Stacey,

I had my colposcopy and LLETZ all in the same sitting which was better I think as I didn't have time between to worry. I had it under Local and it wasn't bad, just a bit uncomfy but not painful, and the nurse talked to me throughout which took my mind off it a bit. My after effects were a bit of bloody discharge, then a bit of black discharge later on, then I came on my period early which was heavier than normal. But my after effects were almost exactly as described in the leaflet I was given.


Honestly don’t worry, it will be fine! I had mild cramps after and was very tired for a week after but also ended up with an infection which for me just meant it was very smelly! Started off with orange discharge, then brown, pink, black, pink then had my period and back to normal.

Hi, i found that my after effects from my biopsies worse than the after effects from my treatment, i just had a discharge like with the biopsies then i came on early which i have to say was heavier than normal, but now i’m back to just the discharge. I’ve found the pain i had in my back has gone now after treatment it feels good to be able to get comfy. Good luck x