Hi, I’m new here just wanted different peoples opinions on they’re after effects of LLETZ.
I had my smear in December and it came back abnormal so was sent an appointment for a colposcopy and when I arrived my gyno informed me that it was severe and that they were going straight to treatment (LLETZ) that shocked me a bit and was shaking when finished as wasn’t expecting it, I was already on my period when I went in so already had some slight cramps but couple of hours later they doubled in pain which neither paracetamol or ibruprofen could cure, 3 days later I’m still in a lot of pain and still bleeding quite heavily (my usual periods would have usually gone down by now).
Should I be in this much pain with this anyone else had similar experiences?
Thanks x

I had the same experience, it was extremely painful and in the middle of it my tummy just cramped like on a bad period, afterwards I just took a high pain killer which didn't help I also bled for 3 weeks after the lletz, all they said was if your going through a pad within one hour head to a and e. Sending hugs 

Hey Lauren, 
I had my LLETZ on the 12th, under a General Anesthetic.
Afterwards I had a lot of cramping that even the pain killers prescribed didn't help with. And I was very lethargic. On the 15th I had a sensation I could only describe as "feeling like I've had relations with a cactus" an awful stinging throughout.

I was told to expect some bleeding post op. But not to worry unless it soaked through a pad within an hour.

I have had absolutely no bleeding, but found out today that it's heavily infected.. I'm now on a two week course of antibiotics.

My only sympton for my infection was the need to sleep all the time (and some funky stuff when they swabbed me today for test) 

If you have any concerns see your GP - mine was a gem about it -actually quite exctided as she'd never seen a cervix so soon post Lletz.

(I'm new to the site too, found it on a bit of a google - We do things slightly different here in Australia eg. smears from the age of 18 - which is good because they said if they didn't treat me now I'd have cervical cancer by the age of 25!)