Advice on upcoming LLETZ

Hi All,

First message on here as I am a bit nervous. I have a LLETZ treatment scheduled for tomorrow and after reading some peoples experiences I am incredibly anxious. From my previous 2 biopsy’s the pain was just about bearable and I am dreading the feeling after tomorrow. Is the pain similar to really bad period pain? Is the bleeding afterwards guaranteed and is it heavy? I have booked the following day of work to recover just to be on the safe side.

My LLETZ will be done with local anaesthetic and I am intrigued / petrified of how exactly they will inject this and that it will definitely work. Do any of you have any advice from experience of what happens / what to expect?

Thank you :slight_smile:

Hi Kirsty, 

i had my Lletz yesterday and was very scared about it too! I had local anaesthetic which was injected internally and I felt this but wasn't a bad pain. Had a bit of an adrenalin rush after this but only lasted about 10 Seconds. The Doctor then started the proccedure which lasted about three minutes- was in and out of the room in less than 20 minutes. I have had slight period type pains but no bleeding as yet. Was a lot less stressful than I thought- just got to wait for the next results to come through now! I have severe abnormalities- CIN 3 

Zoe x

Hi Kirsty

I had Lletz for CIN3 back in July last year - just about to go back to my GP for repeat test smear.

Everyone has a different experience of Lletz but to give you a reassuring story - I found it fine . I actually thought that biopsies on the first colposcopy I had were more painful!  The injection for Lletz is a bit odd but the pain lasts about 2 seconds (no worse than dental injection).  And then I didn't feel a thing.  It is really quick.

I had minimal discomfort afterwards and almost no bleeding.  I recognise I was lucky but there are plenty of others the same as me!  Make sure you follow the rules about no bathing, sex, exercise etc for 4 weeks as you might feel fine but your body will still be healing inside.

I did not get clear margins with mine so am waiting for follow up next week to see if it has all gone or if I need to start the process again.

Try not to worry and good luck




I had both my Lletz done under GA due to suffering with vaginismus so i cant help with the local anesthetic side of things but with my first one i found i didnt have any bleeding just excessive watery discharge with little black burnt? bits in, the second time i did have bleeding but i think they did a better job on me as it was the second time but both times i had minimal pain.

Good luck x


Thank you so much for your messages it has put my mind at ease and just trying to relax this evening! I will let you know how it goes and can share my experience of LLETZ. 

Wish you all luck in your results. 



Hey Kirsty,

I had my colposcopy yesterday and I was so nervous and scared waiting in the hospital. I arrived an hour early and was seen within 10 minutes of arriving. The first part was fine, the nurse asked me some questions about my lifestyle and how I was feeling. I was then taken into the next room to change and get myself ready,  by this point I was shaking. Once I had got undressed I walked into the room with a sheet covering me from the waist down and asked to lay down and put my legs on the supports. The speculum was inserted and then I could see my cervix on the screen, it was really interesting to see what the cells look like and how big the area was of the abnormal cells. Iodine was put into my cervix to show up any abnormal cells and then they showed up white. The nurse said she could do the treatment there and then. The anaesthetic injection itself was not painful at all, just a very strange sensation. Then the adrenaline kicked in and my heart was racing so fast but the nurse said it's expected and do not worry.  They started asking me about my life and this calmed me down. Within 5 minutes the anesthetic had kicked in and the biopsy done. It's scary to go through but it's more fear of the unknown! I really hope your test is OK.  Just got to wait for 4 weeks for the biopsy results and have a smear test in 6 months. Good luck! :) xx

I had leetz trearment on thurs fod cin 3 i didn't find it all painful which i was dreading the first app taking biospys were the worse. All done within 20 mins.

Ii have no bleeding but a few niggly pains now.

Got to wait 4 weeks to see if i have clear margins. Fingers crossed hope your treatment went ok