Over thinking this

Hi I'm new here I'll start with my Dr said she could see something abnormal on my cervix last year so sent for smear plus colposcopy came back CNI 1 plus HPV told to go back 6 month later Dr said it should clear up on its own when i went backbshe said it was still the same when she looked and to go back in another 6 month been back for another smear 2 weeks ago she said she could still see something but not to worry but she said that last time I have suffered with pelvic pain for years now and my periods are getting longer I'm not sure if I should be concerned or not I just can't understand why it will be left to develop into a worse CNI why not just get rid of it she said it could take six weeks for my results which is also concerning me as when I have had regular smears years ago it only took two weeks for the result any advice pleaseĀ