after smear convinced I have cc

Hello, i am new and have been reading all the posts with huge interest and worry. I had a smear last Friday after going to see my doctor about heavy irregular periods and spotting over past 6 months. The nurse did the smear and called the dr in. She said my cervix was inflamed and she could see growths on it, I bled a little during the test. My period wasn’t due until next week but I have been bleeding profusely since the smear with lots of clots. I have all the symptoms of tiredness generally, pains in right leg, bloated stomach even though I have always been skinny, feeling of fullness, periods suddenly erratic, pelvic and back ache. I’m feeling totally terrified and stupid as I haven’t had a smear for about 10years so this could have been developing all that time. Can’t bare waiting and not knowing

Hi beans. Its awful waiting huh, just try and keep yourself busy and the time will go quicker. An inflamed cervix could just be an ectropion or erosion. They do tend to bleed easily. The growths on it could be Nabothian cysts, they come and go on their own. Ive had both of these in the past. What is more concerning is if you have CIN, and or the HPV virus, as they are associated with a higher risk of CC. 

But if caught early it can be monitored and treated. It takes a long time for CC to grow, up to 10-15 years, which is a good thing. But there are exceptions to this rule, nothing is set in stone. Try not to second guess yourself. Ive a history of CIN and i was convinced i was going to get an abnormal result this week as I have an area of concern im getting checked out on Thursday, and the result has come back normal. The most important thing is to have your checks done, in future, so anything dodgy can be looked at and treated rather than left to progress. 


Im sure you will be ok. Try not to worry. Good luck xx



HI Beans

I have never had a symptom of CC and I have never had irregular periods.. I also left my smear 8 years before finally plucking the corage to go about 8 weeks ago now.

the DR did my smear and like you I had blood on the sample that was taken (i panicked and my DR said this is normal) how true this is I do not know. I asked if she thought it looked all ok up their and she said yes!

10 days later I get a phonecall to say I need to go to hospital for treatment ASAP and 3/4 days later I was having LLETZ performed. to cut long story short my results were CIN3 without clear margin and HPV and I need to return in 6 months for further treatment.

the moral of this story is this: everybody has different experiences and just because the nurse may have seen something it does not automatically mean you have CC.. trust me the spreed in which they got me into hospital means that if your nurse or doctor was really concerned they would not wait for your result.. they would make an appointment with colposcopy for you. if you do get a result that is severe changes or HPV please try not to panic like I did, the NHS are amazing with this and the specialists know exactly what they are doing and will look after you really well.


I know it is easier said than done (ive been there and still there) but please try not to panic and know that we are all hear to talk to you and help you in anyway what so ever even if you just need to have a rant..

stay strong we will all be hear supporting you on the journey.. take comfort in knowing that everyone here is experiencing/ have experienced what you are and hopefully in a few weeks you can offer this support to someone else


Thanks girls I really appreciate your replies.  I have calmed myself down and you made me realise I shouldn't get too worked up until I know the facts. Should find out on Thursday . Thank you xxx 

Hi just a follow up so any others who are worried may read it and not jump too quickly to worst scenario. So my smear has come back clear phew but my blood tests showed elevated ca125 .  I have to have biopsy anyway just to check womb etc but i feel like its treatable n something can be done. Thanks to you girls for helping me not get too worried xx

Hi beans, good news re your smear test :) do you have a date for your biopsy?