Just wanting some support/advice

Hi all,

So I had a colposcopy done today after having a smear in February and results showing HPV and low grade dyskaryosis.

When they did the colposcopy the doctor said there were just two tiny sections to biopsy but he couldn't tell if it was low grade or high but wouldn't be too surprised if it just came back as low. He said it definitely wasn't cancer, not to worry and it would take up to 6 weeks for the results due to Covid. However I have some questions...


  1. Could the cells get worse in the 6 weeks I'm waiting 
  2. Could he be wrong and could it be cancer or would he have known 
  3. I've had a colposcopy before and it was Cin1 and HPV negative at the time of colposcopy. This was about 5 years ago. However I'm in a monogamous relationship and have been for years, so is this HPV a re-flare of what caused the Cin1 several years ago 
  4. Could it keep coming back again and again for the rest of my life? If it does then what? 

And advice or support would be much appreciated as I'm feeling pretty scared and down at the moment. 

Hi Murdock,

Sorry to hear that you're going through this. There's lots of really helpful info on this website around why cell changes come back. I think they still know little about how the virus behaves in individuals and every situation is individual. Technically once you have had any virus your body should produce anti bodies but they know that in some women that HPV can lay dormant even if you have been with the same person. They don't know why and who this does this with or what could cause this. This way that most people can clear the virus within 2 years. I think it's difficult to give definite answers to your question and I can resonate how scary it is. Last yeah I was sent to colposcopy after having a normal smear test 4 years before (I was silly and left it 10 months late) initially they said CIN 1 and I had the LLETZ treatment and it came back CIN 2 and 3 and a teeny tiny area or stage 1a1 cancer ( my tumour was 0.1mm so literally tiny). I think it's highly unlikely to get worse in 6 weeks and, you'll be treated if you need to be quickly and if there is anything more than CIN 1 it is likely to be very very early like mine was. I know it's difficult to deal with the uncertainty and I don't think you're alone in that as I think most people on here will probably be feeling the same as you but the positive is is that you're in the system now and if anything more is going on you will be under surveillance. It does annoy me when people say to me 'be positive' or it 'could have been much worse' as you still have to live with the worry in your mind but, what I have helped is to do everything in my power to look after myself, eat well, sleep well, excercise, talk to people who understand as those are the things you can control and even if they don't stop the cell changes they will be doing you good. Sorry I can't give more specific answers to your questions as it is so individual but do have a read on this website or there is an ask the expert section to this website which might help however, I asked many of the questions you have and got the answers I've given above as they simply don't know how the virus behaves in individuals.


i hope for good news for you and please feel free to message me if you want to chat :)



Ps sorry about all of my spelling and grammar mistakes! It's hard to reply on my phone! 

I know you have so much uncertainty right now, but try to avoid letting your mind run wild until you know what you are dealing with. It is highly unlikely that the cells would progress wildly in six weeks,so you can let that worry go. Although doctors have a decent idea what they are looking at, they definitely do not always know. Still, many women on this forum have been told at colposcopy that cancer was suspected, so it is good news that your consultant did not too worried.

As for the HPV, it could be the old HPV or it could be a new strand from your current partner. HPV can lay dormant and recurr. Most people clear it in two years but for some (like me) it keeps coming back and can become a persistent infection. The important thing for you is just to be sure tonalways take care of your health.

Try to distract yourself while you wait for the results. The internet does not hold your answers, only your pathology does. But, the data is on your side, so try to relax.

Sending my best!