Extremely confused

I went for a smear in august 2013 results were abnormalities and hpv. I went for a coloscopy in September and the nurse pro forming it said she can see abnormalities and they look mild bordering on moderate and she took three biopsies. I then receive a letter is October saying everything appears normal and I need to go back in 12 months. Recently because all of the news coverage e.c.t I've started really worrying again and went my doctors for a smear on tuesday. They refused saying they can't because I need to wait he 12 months, the nurse showed me the letter that was sent the doctors which again says everything appears ok but I had warty features which I don't understand and I don't like the word appears :/ it's not a strong word is it!? I've been thinking about having a smear privately but need advice as to wether that's a silly thing to do or not. The cost of a private one is £170+ which is so expensive. Not sure what to do. 

Hi im new to all of this I have been watching this morning with Michelle frost talking about the dreadful illnesses I think u r very brave ladie u r beautiful and helping so many people who don't understand like a lot of us. Ive been having problems for nearly 4 years since I had my daughter back in 2010. I first started on depo now on implant ive had stomach cramps pain during an after sex bleeding like Michelle being on implant my periods stopped but I bleed irregular especially after sex which then can last up to 2weeks or more.  I had gone to drs for tests all came back normal I went to one dr who said my cervix felt inflamed and refereed me to gynecologist who said looks normal. But still to this day im still bleeding the pains I dont get very often anymore but im so confused in what or where to go now as we all no we no our own body's nothing has changed from when I first went is there anyone who could help or direct me what to do as im still worried as I was when this first started thank you

I really feel for you and wish there wasn't so much confusion.  If I was in your position, I would go for another smear ASAP.  I had one in November 2012 which showed borderline changes and high risk HPV.  They were happy with my colposcopy so don't want to see me for three years and I want to have a smear before then, especially as I have a weakened immune system and a complex medical history.  All the professionals seem to say there is nothing to worry about so only we can make that decision.  It is not easy.  Good luck.  Thinking of you.