Cervical screen

Im 33 and had my cervical screen which the nurse at my gp said everything looked healthy which put me at ease, i got my results 9 days later to say i had HPV high risk and had to attend a colposcopy im assuming this is due it being what the lady i spoke to on the phone when i called my surgery is because its my 3rd positive HPV positive high risk cervical screen i have had every year for the past 3 years i thought it was my 4th but they are saying it’s 3 so maybe I’m just a bit confused with it all. I’m just very worried and anxious as to why the nurse would of said it all looked healthy if it’s came back abnormal or am i just looking into things a bit to much. Ive lost complete sensation down below and have extreme pain when i had sex in my pelvic area but that was back in june and previous to that but no longer in a relationship i did have some abnormal bleeding between february and june but i dont have regular periods as im on contraceptives, i also still have the pain iny pelvic area and lower back but my gp doesnt seem to concerned about it at the moment but i think il have to make another appointment. My colposcopy isnt till the beginning of November. They didnt mention anything about abnormal cells though. Sorry for the long winded post I’m just so down about it all and any advice would be so helpful