one week post lletz (maybe tmi)

Hiya guys, so I'm now 1 week post lletz procedure and just wondering if anyone had the same as me, iv had no bleeding at all but alot of clear/creamy discharge (no really offensive smell) and black bits in it too?? Also I felt a but achy for first day but nothing until today I feel very tender and crampy. Just wondering if this is normal? Also how long did everyone wait before they broke the long list of what not to do as I'm longing for a bath!!!!!!!! Xxx

Hi Floppy,

I don't think there is any need for you to worry. I have had a pretty similar experience to you and my LLETZ is now five days ago. I haven't had any bleeding, only some clear discharge, and brownish discharge the day after the LLETZ which I think was probably the cream put on the wound to stop bleeding and support the healing process. I've had quite a bit of pain on the night of the operation, which has now gone down to a dull throbbing pain, quite bearable. As far as I've read on this forum, black bits are normal because these come from where your wound has been cauterised. I think you can probably view it as a form of ash from something that has been burnt which now wants to come out. My consultant told me that a scab is forming on the wound and it will come off probably sometime at the end of the first to end of second week, which will lead to some bleading, and another smaller scab will form, which will come off eventually, too. Let me know if you experience anything that seems unusual. But from what you have written, everything seems pretty normal, so don't worry and relax (I suggest a mug of mulled wine!). Also, to help the healing process and avoid infection I would wait a minimum of four weeks, and then see how you feel re bathing, etc. Hope you're well. x

Hi floppy

i had my LLETZ treatment last Friday. It went well although was very emotional as I didn't know what to expect. 

The weird thing was I had some mild cramp after and that was it!  Day 4 post treatment and hello discharge lots of it so much so that I needed to use sanitary towels just for that and day 5 I've started to bleed. I know that it's expected but I thought it would happen after the proceedure and not almost a week after. 

Im now in pain on a daily basis and bleeding and it's horrible as I can feel myself leaking - sorry to sound graphic!   I'm sure this is normal but can anyone else say if this is what they had also? I just don't want anything dodgy going on up there to delay healing!! 

Thanks ladies :) 


October 14 - colposcopy 

November 14 - abnormal cells CIN 3 detected 

November28th - LLETZ treatment - awaiting results