Post LLETZ treatment


I had LLETZ treatment done on Tuesday, I still have some stomach cramps and feeling a bit run down, I have discharge that smells a little. I don't have any bleeding though, I had some blood on the day and some brown discharge but now I'm not bleeding, is this normal? Will it happen, I'm just worried as they said I'd bleed for 4+ weeks and I'm not bleeding yet but I'm in some discomfort. I normally bleed inbetween periods / after sex so it's bit unusual to me that I'm not bleeding.

thank you

April x

Everyone heals slightly differently but it is quite common not to bleed at first. This is because they cauterise the wound with a chemical (which also causes the weird smelly discharge). I had smelly watery discharge getting gradually heavier then bled on day 6 about as heavy as a period for about 7 days then a "last day of period" discharge for a further 7 days or so. From reading on here, some bleed straight away and a minority never bleed at all! 

Hope this helps


Hi Julia,


typically tonight I started to bleed and the pain has got quite a bit worse! Thank you for replying 


april x