LLETZ treatment 3 weeks ago - Im worried im not healing?

Hi Everyone,

I had LLETZ treatment 3 weeks ago, i didnt bleed until about 5 days after but im pretty sure it was my period. My discharge was a little bit yellowy so my doctors gave a 5 day course of metronidazole. Now im feeling absolutley back to normal, but no scab or black grit has come away which is making me think i havent healed. Was going to try sex next week when its been 4 weeks but terrified just incase i havent healed... any advice?

Thanks :-) 


I’m also three weeks post lletz. Not sure how much help I can be but I have the same worries. I’ve been bleeding or had discharge since day one but pretty sure I had my period a few days after. I really don’t know how you know for sure that everything is healed internally. My doctor told me no sex/swimming or baths for three weeks but it’s a scary thought contemplating sex again! Hope you’re on the mend and get positive test results too x

Did any of you feel sick at all after your lletz operation.

I had general anthestic and this operation on Tuesday and today felt really sick and achey :( 

I'm not myself very tearey and just feeling sorry for myself

I went back to work and after 2 hours got sent home then slept basically the rest of the day.

I've only had discharge no bleeding and minor stomach cramps.

Hi Stacey,

I felt really sick on the day but didn’t have a GA. I did bleed a lot during the procedure which they struggled to stop. It took me a few days to really feel ‘well’ again tho. I don’t think any of the literature I was give beforehand really prepared me for how awful I’d feel afterwards - physically or mentally. I’m still bleeding and/or discharge and it’s wearing me down. Hope you feel better soon x

Aww hope your bleeding stops for you soon.

I've read alot of people don't have much bleeding mainly discharge which is what I have been getting.

I do feel today I been kicked down below as quite sore and still nausea feeling and mega weak and tired :( 

I'm also not that hungry is that normal.

Not good is it all of this we don't get told any of this when going for the appointments operation. 

Take care :) x

I'm three weeks post lletz and still bleeding like I'm having my period. I had nothing for about a week and then it started,  I've also had my period in that time but it's not showing any signs of easing off. How long has yours been going on?