Healing ok?

Hi everyone 

i had lletz 2 weeks ago tomorrow and im worried I'm not healing properly. On Wednesday stupidly did very strenuous exercise and the bleeding after was horrendous. I was soaking through pads and when I went to the loo the blood was just trickling out of me. I feel generally weak and unwell.  It calmed down on friday and yesterday I had almost no bleeding. today I did housework and laundry and now I'm cramping and bleeding again.  I'm worried that I'm not healing as I should be.  Does this sound familiar to anyone?




The excessive bleeding could be down to an infection. I had the same last week and went to see my GP and was given antibiotics. A week later and the bleeding has pretty much stopped.

Even if it isnt an infection its probably best to go see your GP or ring the colposcopy clinic as they will know what the problem is.

And make sure you take it easy :)

Hope you feel better soon x

Hi Yodi,

I had my LLETZ done nearly 4 weeks ago and i bled quite a lot for the first few weeks, i would just take it easy and put your feet up i know its hard. I live and work in London so have a busy job, i stopped bleeding this last week. I thought it would never end LOL.

Take care and put your feet up :-)

Trudy x