Post Lletz


Had my lletz yesterday and today I've woken up extremely exhausted and have zero motivation and just generally tired. I had to wait 5-6weeks for my lletz and I suffer with GAD (Generalised anxiety disorder) I'm thinking if this tiredness is the anxiety of worrying so much before hand and also the lletz too?

Anyone else felt like this day after lletz?

Thanks x

Hi Littlesal this sounds pretty normal to me. It will take a little while for your body and your mind to recover.

A x

Hey ?

Thank you.

Not had much going on down there. Tiny bleed afterwards like you would after a smear and tiny bit of discharge but nothing major! Very little pain too. Been changing regularly to keep myself clean and showering twice a day so lower risk of infection. How did you feel afterwards?


I felt ok - just rather washed out but I had to take it easy for a few days. The reason you haven't bled much is because they cauterise the wound. You will probably start to bleed more heavily in a few days and eventually a scab will come away but that's just your body healing. I think the amount of time it takes to recover depends on how much they cut away. I am also getting on a bit at 56 so age may also be a factor. Be kind to yourself and give your body time to heal. 

A x

Yeah other than feeling drained and tired out I'm not feeling too bad. I'm 31 so I'm sure I'll spring back quickly but I will not over do it. I'm back at work next Wednesday so have a week off still ?

Thanks for your lovely messages and support!


You're welcome x