Aftermath of LLETZ

Hi everyone. 

I am 30 and had LLETZ on Wednesday.  I had a relatively stress free experience at the hospital, thankfully. The days leading up to the procedure were horrible, I was scared of going to hospital, pain, etc, and alone due to covid precautions. 

I'm just wanting to know if my experience of the aftermath of the treatment is typical. 

For a day or two afterwards I kept needing to wee a lot. I was constipated for about 3 days, presumably after the anaesthetic and pain relief drugs etc..

But the main thing is the tiredness. I felt relatively ok afterwards except for this exhaustion. I've had period like sensations, like period pain.. I did a short walk and felt overwhelmed with lethargy after, and fell asleep. In fact, I keep falling asleep! I have been feeling really insecure, temperamental and crying a lot over things. Self esteem at rock bottom. 

On saturday I was in tears because I've not lost any weight for several days (I recently started a weight loss) and because I smelled funny down there after the LLETZ. I felt awful because I smelled, and I went out briefly to get food shopping and I felt weird sensations down below, like stuff running out from inside me. I kept saying to my OH i felt like i was giving birth to a jellyfish. 

So I've basically been fatigued, weary and achy after minimal daily exertion, smelly and weird sensations in there.. all I want to do is sleep and lie down. 


What are your experiences? I just want to feel better 


Hi Susy,

sorry to hear you're not feeling the best.

The tiredness I understand as I felt very tired for couple weeks after but after the bleeding stopped (around 4weeks for me) I felt better.

It's normal to get some watery discharge just keep an eye on it- if you get a temperature or it smells really bad, get it checked for infection. Quick call to Dr for antibiotics. 
My experience, I had cin3 and then at my 6 month test of cure it was normal and HPV cleared. So I wish this for you too.

I think I found my periods a bit irregular for 4/5 months but it's been 8 months now and I'm back to usual. Don't do too much whilst you're healing, be kind to your body and if you find yourself exhausted and needing to sit or have a rest then do it! I know lots of women have different experiences but know mine was okay- so yours can be.

Dont feel bad about not losing weight, when you're feeling okay you can continue with your journey :)

take care,


Lauren x

Thanks for sharing, Lauren. I felt very slightly less tired today and the bleeding has started! I will follow that good advice and if I feel knackered when I go back to work, I'll just let myself have a break, as and when I need. 

I have been put on antibiotics as a precaution too.

I had mY LLETZ under general anaesthetic on 3 Sept and for about a week I absolutely felt like I'd been hit by a truck! Fatique off the scale! Then it just stopped and I felt myself again. I wasn't really expecting that but it only lasted a few days. I hope it passes quickly for you. Just take the excuse to lounge about and preferably get waited on hand and foot by your family?

Yep, I had a LLETZ recently and felt like I was giving birth to a small jellyfish too.  Much fun!

It’s just the scab coming off - all part of the lovely healing process.

bleeding stops after 3-4 weeks x



  • How you have been feeling , I can relate too ! I had the procedure done on Tuesday and i felt emotional yesterday and a bit today and notice a change in the blood but got advise and nothing to worried about 

My anxiety has gone up as scared that my catch myself and make it bleed more , I know this is just anxiety but got it more since having this procedure 

Having this procedure done alone wasnt easy so wanted to see other people experience and how they are feeling 

And would be good to have something like this to support each other 


Thanks for replies girls! Yes hit by a truck is exactly how I felt! Then it started to lift and I feel a lot more normal now, thankfully!