After Lletz Tiredness etc

Morning All

Is it just me or is anyone feeling sooo tired after their treatments? unless its the drip drip of blood (TMI) or the stress of waiting not sure

Foot in Mouth

Morning Emilyt36,

I have been exhausted since my Lletz procedure! Unfortunately I have had an infection which Im sure hasnt helped, but I think the bleeding and constant worry are the main causes. 

I am not sleeping well at night, and trying not to nap during the day, but its so difficult. I just want my results so I can know what I am dealing with! How long were you told you'd have to wait?


Same here! I had my procedure 16 days ago & I still don't feel right, although the infection I developed & the antibiotics I'm taking for it might not be helping. I also seem to be finding it difficult to sleep at night waiting for my results to come through! I wasn't told how long they'd take so not sure when to expect them. I just feel a complete mess emotionally. Stay strong ladies! x

Glad its not just me!! Yes ive got one week left of antibiotics and they are aweful. Oh well better than infection hanging around. I bet we all get results around same time. 


Hey girls I had my lletz 11 days ago now and still feeling awful!! The bleeding is really bad how did you girls know you had an infection?? The waiting seems like forever I haven't sleep in days :( 

Mrs12- You sound just like me- I dont sleep well at night at all! I have lost half a stone though from worry! I think that suddenly being put in a position where you have no control is enough to make anyone an emotional mess. But one way or another we will all know where we stand soon enough and can take a little control back of the situation. And in the mean time we have each other.

Charissatink- We had our smear, results and colposcopy at almost exactly the same time! I had increased pain (i was unable to sit still/get comfortable, and codeine, paracetamol and ibuprofen didnt really help!) and increased bleeding, and a temp. Luckily my friend works on a gynae ward so she got me an appt at the emergency clinic where they examined me (not fun 3 days after Lletz) and said it seemed I had an infection. Im just on my last couple of days of amoxicillin and metronidazole, and feel much better physically although exhausted!  If you are worried get a GP appointment tomorrow. I hope you start to feel better really soon. The waiting is hell, but it wont be forever. Hugs to you xxx

Lulu83- thanks for those kind words. As much as I wouldn't want anyone else to be going through this, it's comforting to know that those who find themselves facing this are coping in a simple way to me.

Charissatink - I knew I had an infection when I had (tmi!) discharge with a strong unpleasant smell & pain that paracetamol wouldn't help. I also had a pretty high temperature. I went to my gp & they put me on a week long course of antibiotics.

Fingers crossed that all ladies awaiting their results get the news they are hoping for. x

Well heres the thing tiredness during day but at night just toss and turn wierd thing is i used to do that when on my period but due to having contraception implant in arm ive not had one of those for over a year ! Arghhhhhhg

Tell me about it- still awake after 2 hours of laying in ther dark! So given up and just put Friends on the TV! Hope you're all sleeping better than me, and having sweet dreams! x

Thanks girls I will keep an eye on it :) I keep waking my little boy in the night cos I keep getting up and walking around :( can I ask was this your first ever smear as it was my first smear as I'm only 26 and thought they would have done one whilst I was pregnant! Clearly not!! I feel like its the first day of my period EVERY DAY!! Cramping so bad:( I'm hoping this is the worst bleeding I'm on the 12 day now :/ hope u girls are feeling better now :) xx 

Charissatink - glad your feeling a little better. Even if you are still having troubled sleeping. Yeah, it was the first smear I ever had. It was just the routine ones you start having at 25. I don't have children yet & have never been pregnant so I don't know if they are routine in pregnancy or not. I'm also gettin sick of the period like cramp & the bleeding. It's day 17 for me now & it feels like I'm having the longest period ever!! Still waiting for the results too. x

Mine was my 3rd smear ( Im just old enought to have started having them at 21)... all my previous smear tests had been completely normal which was why it was such a shock this time to have severe abnormalities. Im still not sleeping and the bleeding has got worse again today (day 12). Hoping its just a temporary increase!! I HATE sanitary towels with a passion! Back to work tomorrow though so that should keep me busy. 

Anyone got any results yet? x