8 days post LLETZ and KNACKERED

Hi, everybody.

I'm a teacher, so this could just be normal back to school stuff, but I feel so tired since I had my LLETZ.  Today I am at work (free period) and I can barely keep my eyes open!  I seem to be healing ok.  I have some watery yellowish/sometimes pinkish discharge that sometimes seems to come out all at once, but mostly I'm not losing very much at all and I haven't got any pain.  I think it's fair to say that I have been a bit stressed about the whole thing (!!) but I think that's starting to subside a bit too as I get used to the idea and also as time passes.  I'm hoping that I probably would've heard from [name of hospital removed] by now if there was anything scary going on, and I think I'll breathe a real sigh of relief NEXT Thursday when a whole two weeks have passed with no word.

So, why am I so exhausted?  Has anybody else felt this way post LLETZ?

Hi Libby

I am in a similar position with same job although I had my lletz Monday.

I suspect that the exhaustion may just be down to start of term stress I always find that the first week back i sleep dreadfully and am really tired. I also became really stressed about the whole thing to the point of having a panic attack!

I am not back at work yet as we don't go back until Monday, although I am not looking forward to the ineviatble 'have you had a good break?' questions. I too am getting used to the idea and seem a little less stressed, although I did find 2 days after I got all worried about the 3 week wait for results.

I did find the stress at the time horribly exhausting but have been trying to keep busy since, perhaps give it till after the weekend and see if it all because of school and if not contact the doctor.