No blood/discharge after LLETZ


I had the LLETZ treatment 4 days ago and it all went fine. They told me to expect some bleeding and discharge for 4-6 weeks afterwards but I haven't had any at all yet. I'm assuming this is OK but just wanted to check if this has been the case for anyone else? It just seems a bit strange as I had discharge from day one after my biopsies.


I had mine two days ago and nothing yet... im kind of worried this is a calm

before the storm type situation lol 

Hi Ally,

I had my LLETZ procedure almost a week ago and so far have only had very slight discharge. I think this is normal, but we're also very lucky. The only bleeding you're likely experience is when the scabs eventually fall off from the treated area (they might come out in little clots, don't panic, it's not an infection). The amount you bleed is really dependent on you, and varies from person to person. However, I doubt it will be an awful lot - just make sure you have sanitary towels at the ready.

Thanks girls, that's really reassuring :) Just the waiting game now....

I've had very slight bleeding very minimal and had it done 2 days ago. I do feel like is this the calm before the storm lol



Hi everyone 


i have just had my lletz this morning , and i still havent had any bleeding or discharge, like none at all... she told me i couldnt bath until this has stopped which is usually a few weeks, but i havent had any at all so im wondering if ill be okay to do so? (Im going away to a hot tub this weekend and wasnt going to go in., but given that ive not bled or discharged im wondering if id be okay?) 

Once they have stopped your bleeding during the lletz, it is normal not to bleed straight away. I had watery discharge which was barely noticeable at first and gradually got a bit heavier. On the 4th day after my lletz, it was still so light i decided to sleep with no knickers and pad. Woke up very damp!.

Many women start to bleed as the scab starts to heal and come away. For me this was on day 6.

I was told to avoid baths for a couple of days but to avoid swimming until completely healed. I reckon a hot tub probably is more like swimming than a bath so i would give it a miss if i were you.