hello ladies it's me again I'm so sorry to be a pain but my anxieties are through the roof. The issue I have what's making me worry is I had LLETZ and a biopsy taken on Thursday, my only issue is I've had no bleeding or discharge and as much as it's probably a good thing it's making me worry. Anyone else had this? Xxxx 

Hi I had no bleeding after my LLETZ either and all was ok. If you are concerned ring the clinic as they are the best to offer advice. They would rather you rang them than not, even at a time like this. 

Hi :) I had no bleeding till about 2 weeks after lletz. Everyone heals differently so try not to worry.

Many women don't bleed at first because the put something on your cervix to stop the initial bleeding. For most women, the bleeding starts as the scab comes away. This is usually 1 - 2 weeks after.

I had very little discharge for the first couple of days which then got a bit heavier. I started bleeding a week after

I never knew that, in my head thought it would he instant. I'm new to all this, it was my first smear which was abnormal and first time having a colposcopy. Thanks ladies xx 


Can't speak from personal experience on this one but I thought the following link might be of interest:



That is a very well written summary - updated since I had my lletz. I would have found that useful when I was wondering if I was healing normally. One thing I would add to it from discussions on here is that many women (including me) find that the discharge has an odd metallic smell. This is apparently caused by the substance they paint on to stop the bleeding. Smell can also be an indicator of an infection and it can be hard to tell the difference.

Yes that was a good in formative read thanks alot for taking your time to give advice.