Oncology appointment after lletz?

I have had abnormal smears for the last 2.5 years I recently had my second lot of lletz treatment on 30th April and they also took biopsys from the cervix and the vagnal wall and said they would let me know if I needed further treatment,. Today I get a letter from the oncology department that I have an appointment on the 6th Aug but no other details with it, I don't have a number to call for information but not I'm panicking it's worse than we originally thought

Hello ,

Perhaps you could call back the colposcopy clinic and give them the name of your consultant and ask for them to explain ... it is bizarre that they have made this appointment without an explanation.  Try not to panic !! I know it is easy for me to say but until you have spoken to your consultant or their secretary theres no point in worrying too much . I hope you get some answers soon and it's all good news . ((())) big hugs xxx

J x