Confused - appointment with Gyneacological Oncology

Morning ladies

I am hoping for some advice, or other people's experience

I had a routine smear a couple months ago (was long over due as I had been either pregnant / trying to get pregnant / recovering from c sections) and it came back with high grade changes

Had a colposcopy, and LLETZ

4 weeks later and no news, so was sort of assuming no news is good news, then out of the blue (no phone call) I get a letter with an appointment 6 days later with Gyneacological Oncology.

Obviously my mind went to one thing - I've tried calling the coloposcopy team, the GO secretary, my doctors but no-one can tell me anything else as all the doctors are in meetings / on holiday / on the ward, been trying for a few days now

Has anyone suddently had a letter like that? What has the outcome been?


Thanks xx

Hi, Does it say in the letter what’s it for? Another colposcopy and LLETZ? Try ringing again and if no one is available, leave a message to be called back (my consultant rang me back on a Sunday morning!). It’s possible they may need to do another LLETZ. My recall was for a second LLETZ, because they hadn’t gone deep enough and only lifted inflamed cells. The second LLETZ was more successful.

Perhaps that’s the reason in your case too. At least you don’t need to wait too long for the appointment. Hope it goes well for you!

thank you for your reply! No it doesn't say what it is for - just an outpatients appointment :( I'm trying again to get hold of people, all I know is who my appointment is with but her secretary doesn't work mondays!

Its a different hospital to where I had my colposcopy before, so I am assuming its not that as it also doens't mention not having it when you have your period etc

Hi I am in a similar situation. My Lletz was done 5 weeks ago tomorrow.

Last week I received a very brief letter saying the treatment had been 'inadequate' and I needed to go back to see the consultant. Mine doesn't mention oncology it just says an appointment has been made at the colposcopy clinic. I rang them to explain that I don't want lletz again with a local and i asked them to explain the results. The man I spoke to said he would check, he came back and said it was too technical and I would need to wait to speak to the consultant. I'm worried sick about it all now, so I totally understand how you feel.

My appointment is next Tuesday. When is yours?

Hope all goes well please let us know how it goes, best of luck xx


Mines tomorrow afternoon - i've had no joy trying to find out more - i go from feeling sick and worried, to being p****d off and angry, to confused and everything in between

I just wish they would tell me something over the phone! The worrying is the worst. 

Just home

Stage 1a cancer but they think they got it all. Was surrounded by c1n3 cells so another lletz to get those then probably a hysterectomy 

So the best of the bad news options!

Yes, it's best scenario. Very curable indeed. Just think no.more periods!

Good luck,


Indeed. funny that i feel happy to get that diagnosis!! I guess i knew it would be something, so this is good news really. 

our company supports macmillan as our chosen charity this year so i have written something for our intranet, in the hope that it may nudge 1 person who is overdue a smear to go get one

Hi Laura 

I had my appointment today with the consultant, confirmed CC stage 1a1 and like you I am being given a 2nd LLETZ, they offered it me today but I have opted to have it done under general anaesthetic. Hysterectomy wasn't mentioned at all but I've read that often is the treatment offered and I'm wondering if that would be a better option.

When is your 2nd lletz being done? 


Hi, Good news that they got it all with minimal treatment. I’m sure your being well looked after. Good luck! 

Hi Grey, Sorry to hear your diagnosis, but at least they’ve caught it early. Hope the second LLETZ goes well for you. good luck.

Thank you Jules

Hope your hysterectomy goes well too xx

i opted for the 2nd LLETZ under local as the first one was OK and it was on Friday last week, but they couldn't get the right angle and do it without damaging the vaginal walls

So I am currently waiting for a date to have it under GA... all this waiting is making me sick

Snap hun, feel like I'm in limbo at the moment waiting for my date to come through, hope it's soon I just want it over with now.

Fingers crossed you hear soon too x