Odd bleeding

I had lletz treatment 7th october this year after having an abnormal smear test they took biopsys and removed all the bad cells the biopsy came back as cin 2 moderate dyskaryosis which confirmed my smear test but they also said that parts of my biopsy also showed cin 3, i have crohns disease and used to take humira injections along with other medications that can make me more of a risk if getting cancer, the hospital assured me the cells had been removed and to go for another smear test in 6months they explained about what would happen after and how it takes upto 8weeks to heal they told me not to bath for 6 weeks to shower only dont go swimming or use tampons or have sex for 6 weeks which i didnt do, i didnt really bleed after the procedure got some weird brown stuff with black bits in had no infections and stopped getting the discharge after 5weeks but its now 28th November ive had 2 periods since the procedure normally im bang on every 31days and i bleed for 4 days but since june this year my periods were irregular id stop and re start my periods id bleed after sex and i was bloated since the procedure im not as bloated but my periods r still irregular i bleed for 3 days stop for 2 days then spot for 2-3 days after also ive had intercourse twice with my husband and both times ive bled like i did before the procedure its not bad its more like a light bleed than anything ive phoned my gp to try and get an appointment but they keep fobbing me off telling me they have no appointments im getting a little worried to be honest im worried there’s something wrong still i did have a baby in june this year so i know that can play a part aswell but ive never had this with any of my other children my periods always went back to normal straight away i have a few medical problems but other than my crohns disease i cant really see it being anything else and ive never had problems before only as a teenager they had to give me the pill to start my periods off but thats it ive had no problems since i dont need hormone medication its literally been since my smear test and the colposcopy so i guess im just wondering if this is normal or if i should just tell my gp i need an emergency appointment.

Hello mrsJgardiner88, 

im really sorry you're going through this, you sound really distressed about it. I think the answer to your question is: if you don't feel right, and if you don't feel this is normal for you, push for it and see your GP. 

Thats one thing ive learned recently, if it's not normal for you, speak up! 

Is it possible (would you feel comfortable?) seeing another GP at your practice? Im just thinking you might get an appointment quicker!