Abnormal bleeding and colposcopy - help!!!


I havent been on here for a while so here is a bit about my history! I had an abornal smear in 2008 and had lletz treatment for CIN3. Since then I have had yearly smears that have all been normal.

Over the last few weeks I have had a bad water infection. I had 1 course of antibiotics and I thought I felt better and had sex with my boyfriend and bled during sex, once I had wiped myself clean it was gone and I had no more bleeding. A couple of day
s later I felt like my infection had some back so I went back to the doctors and she tested my urine and said there was still an infection there, I also told her about the bleeding which she thought would be due to the infection and i told her about my histor with the CIN3.I then got my second lot of antibiotics which cleared up the infection and I was sexually active again a few times and had no more bleeding PHEW! Anyway the doctor asked me to make a follow up appointment when I went she wanted to examine me due to the bleeding and my history, she tool a few swobs and when she did this I bled slightly, no bleeding after and none on my underwear so
Literally just when she took the swobs! She said my cervix looked normal and like it should for someone who has had to lletz treatment but asked if I would be happy to go for a colposcopy just to double check due to my history, bleeding that one time in sex and the bleeding during the swob.

I did panic a bit about that and then today in the post I got my appointment for Monday, I only went to the doctors on Tuesday morning this week so again I am now panicking that it’s been rushed through as urgent as the doctor saw something bad! I am trying to look at the facts and be sensible but my mind is in over drive. Anyone else had reoccurring CIN or cancer after normal smears like me?

My boyfriend was diagnosed with testicular cancer in march this year and the thought of being sat in another doctors office being told bad news is too much for me to
Cope with!

Any advice would be great and I hope I ok to post here when I have not had a cancer diagnosis?

Thanks Helen xxxxxx

hcginger - I think you are posting in the right place - so post away!
I’m not in the same situation as you but I had ‘cervical erosion’ back in the dark ages where I would bleed when they took a smear…I got the impression that as long as my smear results were ok they weren’t going to do anthing about it…
Again unrelated, but my old man was referred on for his mens bits by his GP and got an appointment as quickly as yours, when he got there and asked he was told that they simply had a gap that they booked him into so he was ‘lucky’ to be seen quickly.
So just getting an appointment quickly doesn’t mean that something is deffo wrong (& I think your GP is being nice and thorough by referring you on)
Keep just looking at the facts & reminding your mind of them (our brains are really naughty at reminding us of our worries and need reminding of the facts on my opinion!)

Hi Helen,
I understand how freaked out you must feel, when I had my first smear I was referred for colposcopy the following week after getting my results. It was so quick I got the appointment by text and didn’t actually get the letter until the day before the appointment. Anyway, I lost the plot a little, but the super fast appointment didn’t mean anything terrible in my case. The NHS have colposcopy referral guides which indicate how soon you would be seen. I’ve read that a colposcopy referral for abnormal bleeding with no reason seen (by your doc I suppose) for a women over 40 is within 2 weeks. I don’t know how old you are, but it sounds like you’re on the normal referral path.

Thanks so much for your replies! I am 31 and I have now read the referrals for colpsocopy and scared myself even more!! Looks like I am an urgent case I guess due to my history and abnormal bleeding! This bleeding has only happened once tho, no more bleeding at all since that one time! I am trying to be sensible and think my GP is just good and being cautious but I am sat at work shaking with panic! My appointment is today at 5pm and my boyfriend is coming with me but I am so scared I will go today, get bad news and lose everything!!
People say you should listen to your body and I feel fine no aches or pains or anything like that but I am freaking out! Sorry to rant on here but no one else understands in the same way, people just say it will be fine!