Looking for advice

I had my smear back in sept last year it came back high anomall cell was booked in for coloscopy in Oct I went and came back high cervical cancer cells but I had lletz and said they should have removed all I have been fine period whys since but on my January period I came on 3 days earlier and it was heavy one minute then light the next I bled for 11 days like this normal period is only 4 days for me but last night I had sexual intercouse with my husband and been for a wee today and notice on the tissue there is a bit off blood on it should I be worried or not hubby has told me to go docs but don't like taking up there time for nothing I have been on the pill bit stopped taking it a few months ago as hubby had the snip but when I have come off he pill before I have never had it happen before just feeling a bit confused at the moment my next smear is in April thank u 

I think there could be a number of reasons for the abnormal bleeding. 

A lletz is quite traumatic for your cervix and ladybits  so it could be tge reason your periods are acting up. I know I had a 10 day period after a biopsy and I was on the pill! coming off the pill can jigger you about hormonally too which could also be the reason. 

The lletz could be behind your post sex bleed too as you will have scarring.  or it again could just be a bit of spotting unrelated to sex and more related to hormones.

However despite all of this if I were in your shoes I would seek advice as although it is much more likely things have been caused by one of the reasons above esp with your history it is worth a call to the gynae clinic nurses or your doctor to check. If you are at all embarrassed about tge docs you could go to a family planning/sexual health clinic as an alternative but ring and check if they are happy to see you for gynae issues (my local one do and they are great) 

Don't worry though as it sounds like you are keeping track of your symptoms very well and therefore there is no way youveould be wasting anyone's tim: the nhs want to PREVENT cervical cancer not wait for patients to develop cervical cancer so by getting checked out when you have unusual symptoms you are doing exactly what you should do. Lots of love and I hope it turns out to just be pesky hormones xxx