abnormal bleeding

Hi, looking for advice pls i had smear in june came back abnormal went for colposcopy in july and they performed LLETZ there and then - got results in aug was CIN2 with clear margins so now 6monthly smears only since then i have had irregular bleeding first 2months i blamed LLETZ but now i dont know im bleeding after sex sometimes heavy sometimes only spotting and my periods are so irregular im getting spotting for a week before period starts for about a week aswell! been to the gp twice he examined me told me nothing wrong my smear is due end of this month but im freaking out i dont think this is normal!!! What should i do???

I had exactly the same thing, which she said was normal. My periods were weird for ages! I'd have a week of spotting really really dark brown thick blood before a normal period. They are back to normal now but only just. If you're worried see a dr though, you won't be wasting their time xx

sorry, just read the end again properly and you have seen a Dr. I'd wait for the smear and tell the nurse. Are you having just a smear or a smear and a colposcopy? (I had both at my 6 month follow up) X