Not feeling brave!

i have a doctors appointment this afternoon & I am trying to channel all of you lovely ladies but given that I am a chronic anxiety sufferer it is not easy! Any tips? Good luck for anyone with appointments today!

Not much longer to wait now Liziloo, although I expect your tummy is doing backflips right now.

You might even come out of this breathing a huge sigh of relief because it's not as bad as you thought after all!

Do you have a close friend or family member who can go to the appointment with you and be a pair of 'emergency back up ears' for you? I tried really hard to concentrate, but once my doctor got past the first sentence I sort of missed a lot of the detail that followed. Luckily for me, my husband was able to fill in the gaps later on. He also took a notebook & pen and wrote a few things down too. If he hadn't been there I would definitely have done that myself, the doctor wasn't bothered at all and seemed used to it being done.

I wished I'd taken a bigger bag too, we came out clutching a massive folder of booklets & information sheets, which we were able to refer too much later (and were actually very helpful) but I didn't want just anyone being able to see the cover titles with 'Macmillan Cancer Relief' written all over them, once we left the appointment. 

Make sure you get the name & contact details of the support person you can call if you have any questions, concerns or clarifications after (and in between) the appointments. I was given the name and details of a specific specialist nurse and only ever used them once, but I had a lot of peace of mind knowing she was there for that if I needed to do so. 

If it's not possible to take a friend or family member with you, try to arrange to have a friend you can talk to after the appointment, so you can let off steam and if that's not possible come in here and we'll see what we can do! 

I'll be thinking of you. x

Hope you're ok. Anxiety is a pain in the bum even without CC!



Hey, how are you doing? Pam x

Be brave! God is right beside you! And all of us! 

Hi Ladies,

So all clear from docs but now battling anxiety another fight! Thank you so much to all of you for all of your help & to all the brave warriors - I admire you all so much.



Wonderful news :o)

You can do the anxiety...seriously you can. Google Claire Weekes, she saved my sanity


sending hugs