Nerves setting in!

Got my letter today for my radiotherapy planning session and the nerves are starting to set in! The last few weeks I feel like I've been living in a bubble and that although I know it is me going through it, it hasn't felt like it! I'm probably making no sense here! Just rambling on but here's the only place I can ramble I put on a face for my family and friends and tell them I'm fine..but I'm not I'm 27 and I feel like a lost little frightened girl....maybe I'm just having a off day today so sorry ladies for going on. Hope everybody is doing good!!

Sending lots of love and hugs

Dominique xx

Hi, yes you are making sense as you do find yourself sort of just going through it all on auto pilot! I just want to wish you all the very best as you go through your treatment! You will have mixed feelings! Get your full strength at the ready and go for it Best wishes xxx

Thank you else74 xx


You are not rambling and definately make sense ........ I still feel as though it was someone else going through everything.  Maybe its a way of coping ??  I know it worked for me, even though it wasnt a consious decision

Please try and share your feelings with someone close to you.   I found that really helped when I was having my 'black' moments, and helped me to keep things in perspective.  

If you have any questions about the treatment etc that will help put your mind at ease, please ask .... I hate to think of you there going through this on your own.

Take care



thankyou Tracey i appreciate it xx

You will be ok - take each day as it comees and keep talking to the medical team, even with the smallest queries ....

Good luck

I will Tracey thank you hun xx

Hi Dominique

I didn't have the radiotherapy but felt just like that before I went in for my op.  I felt very lost and frightened and longed to have my mum there (both mum & dad passed away in the last few years). Was hoping my sister would come to see me but that didn't happen either!

Luckily hubby was an absolute rock although like you, I was trying to put a brave face on and hide my feelings.  You do need someone to talk to and confide in so please do that with whoever you think is best.  Of course all the ladies are here too whenever you need someone to talk to and we know what you are going through.

Time will pass quicker than you think and then you can concentrate on your recovery.

Be strong, you can do it.

Hugs, Cheryl,xx

Thanks Cheryl I have a great circle of friends an a close family unit but I no there all on the verge of getting upset if I do. So I don't! My bf has been brilliant he is the 1 I have a cry to if necessary but I really try to keep it together an normal for the sake of our 7yr old daughter but it can be hard sometimes...but am really greatful to be able to speak to all you lovely ladies because we all understand each others feelings so grateful to jos because I think I would be completely lost if I hadn't found this forum xx

Hi Dominique,

Looks like I'm a couple of weeks ahead of you...had my planning scan and tattoos, asked for pink hearts, but it only comes as black dots lol, and as the nurses promised I didn't pee myself, but did have to run to the loo before the tattoos as I was bursting lol. Met with the chemotherapy nurses yesterday, more bloods and an ecg - this took three nurses to get to work(one male) and we had a lovely talk about my nipple piercings lol. The nurse's only reason against me bringing wine to my chemo day was that the nurses would want to share...I'm thinking two bottles rather than one.

I think I'm finally getting my head around all of this, although incredibly in denial. Finally realised yesterday that I couldn't keep going into work, so made yesterday my last day (thing is my boss has been awful with me since I found out, so don't know why I would want to work) so today I'm off out for lunch with friends before I start on my daily hour long trips to hospital. 

I live with my two boys-16 (very mature and supportive) and my 15 year old (has numerous disabilities and has completely shut down, keeps crying both at home and at school saying he's worried about me), but I find myself upset in the bath, guess it's the only place I can be alone. But as I move closer to treatment I find it happening less. I have a boyfriend who's been good but I don't feel I can sit and sob to him. Reading people's posts on here has kept me going, I always seem to be able to find answers for all of my questions.

The nurse told me yesterday to stop doing things for other people,  and I'm trying but a lifetime of it is hard lol.

Feel free to message me, nothing so far has been as bad as I've anticipated (long may that continue). Good luck for your scan, not that you need it, it's a breeze.





Hi bayleeb 

Thank you for the reassurance I really appreciate it. The hearts tatt is a good idea! The nhs really should consider that! ;-) I'm sorry that your boss is being an arse with u!! What is wrong with some people? glad you have took time off the less stress the better I'm lucky in my job they've been great with me I've been off for the last 5 week because of how bad my bleeding was am talking gushes! Unexpected ones and as I work in a shop didn't want to take the risk of that happening be slightly embarrassing because no sanitary towels can protect you from that mess! Haha sorry for the details!! Anyway I went back this week just for the week (no more bleeding!) keep my mind busy while am waiting for this to start. Sorry to hear how your son is taking the news but I guess that's to be expected every 1 deals with things differently don't they. My daughter is 7 and although she knows I'm poorly i decided not to mention the c word although she's young she still knows what it means and I don't want to frighten her. but if your ever feeling down then please feel free to message me about anything. Enjoy your lunch with your friends and take the nurses advice! Nows the time to concentrate on your self and get better. Good luck with it all bayleeb if you feel up to it keep me updated. Here's to us all getting better ands getting our lives back!

take care Hunni and gd luck

Big hugs

Dominique xx

Good luck matey x

ive not had the radiotherapy so cannot put myself totally in ur shoes.

it is ok to cry even if ur friends cry too! Can be very therapeutic to do it together rather than everyone keep the brave face on and just keep saying it's all fine. 

Let us know how it goes xxx

Thank you dons369

I know it probably is healthier to have a cry! And I will keep you all updated lots of love xx

Hi! This is my 1st comment/post. Just wanted to send a hug & a big thank you for all of you precious ladies who share your experiences & extend support!! I am located in the US & newly diagnosed. Trying to remain positive & remind myself that ladies win this battle everyday! I pray for all of us!! (By His stripes, we shall be healed) I wish you all complete healing & a speedy recovery!!! Many blessings to you all!

Thanks angie good luck to you to Hunni jos place is a great comfort all the ladies are lovely and so very helpful if you ever need a chat feel free to message me 

take care big hugs



Hi Dominique,

Thats a lovely name by the way.I can't add any more than whats already been said.

Just wanted to say if you have any questions shout out and if I can I will help.

If not loads of other lovely ladies on this wonderful site to help you.



Hi Angie,welcome to Jo's sorry that you have been diagnosed,

but glad you found us.


Becky x

Aw thank you becky! i always hated my name growing up! Haha thank you I appreciate it, same with me 2 always hear for a chat. Hope your doing ok xx


You didn't say when you were scheduled for rad therapy, so I don't know what state you are in today. I was diagnosed November 13 with radiation in December. Was petrified at thought of it, but rad team was great. Even with the bleeding they were working to stop. Radiation therapy did not hurt me at all. Did have side effects, so be sure they are explained to you and you know what to do.

I found a bath that pulls radiation out of the body and really works wonders, so med team was amazed at how fast I recovered. Soak water turned quite dark after therapy and had very strange smell. Discovered and documented by Dr Hazel Parcels while she was trying to find a treatment in the 1940's while working on her PhD. Uses: detox radiation, heavy metals, chemo, anything

Soak for as long as is comfortable and work up to 25 minutes in warm, not hot, water. Remember, you will be detoxing, so be gentle with yourself.** 

Foot bath: Add up to 1/4 cup each of both baking soda & salt*. (I started at just 1 Tablespoon each because it pulls it out so fast.)

Full bath: Add 1 - 2 cups each of both baking soda & salt*. Be sure to keep everything moist during bath, even your hair. Use plastic pitcher to pour over head.  (When I finally was given the go ahead for a full bath I still don't use more than 1 cup each.)

*my preferred salt is Real Salt or Himalayan (which are both mined and do not have contaminates), & Celtic. However, any salt does work. I have used plain table salt when I could not get anything else.

**Some people can only or simply prefer to take showers. They can use the mixture rubbed on their body while it is damp and leave it on as long as is comfortable. Be sure to keep it moist. (After chemo started, my skin became too delicate to rub anything on it.)

Sending you good thoughts. And hope this information helps a lot of people in their recovery.





Hi katie I start my treatment on the 7th July. Thank you so much for your helpful advice I appreciate it :) xx

You are welcome.

Oh! And keep all your nutrition up! Especially probiotics, i.e., yogurt and kefir and/or capsules. Our gut bacteria need help with population during any cancer treatment. :D

No one reminded me and I swear mine hung on to the last day, then I suddenly had digestion & gas problems. Don't let that happen to you. So not fun.

Hugs and Good Thoughts for You,