Need cheering up

Just returned from seeing gynae consultant, the LLETZ indicted that the sides of the cancer are not easily defined so Dr recommends a radical hysterectomy and possibly radiotherapy. As the MRI didn't show a tumour I had got my hopes up that I might get away with less treatment, and now feel flat again. Plus I feel that I got everyone else's hopes up too - friends and family - and need to tell them. I know it is a daft thing to worry about but still.

I am really fond of my lymph nodes! Possible risks of rad hysterectomy are rather scary.

I realise I am back in that fear/shock feeling, will go and read my thread again about coping. I needed to have a little moan and am so glad I can do it here. I know time will help too. I was so enjoying feeling hopeful!!!! Grrrr.

Hi ya,

sorry to hear you have to go for an op. I wish you all the best!! Your defo allowed to moan. Don't be hard on yourself. 

Big hugs never going to feel good hearing that news even if you were expecting it so let yourself feel however you like. But try and get back on the positive vibe soon. Everyone here is here for you xxxx ps I know it's difficult telling people but best just to do it. I told some people by text and asked my sister To tell close relatives I know not great but meant theh had chance to think about what to say etc and I didn't have to hear them upset. xxx

Thanks guys, feeling better right now, sometimes the shock at new information becomes overwhelming and the coping strategies take a while to kick in. EFT is my latest strategy, I saw a video on the Haven breast cancer site. Been tapping away!

Glad you are feeling bit better today I totally agree re new information the other day I got a call to postpone my operation and I just had to go to bed and sleep as my mood was low. My mother in law does eft has it helped I might ask her to tap me before operation xx

Hey moon fish 

glad ur feeling better today, it's so true that new information can set things off. Yesterday I was a sobbing uncontrolably at regular intervals today I'm happy as a clam experimenting with the exciting world of tofu curry (1st attempt not great).


ps what's EFT?


Also intrigued as to what EFT is!

I find I am mostly ok and then it hits me in waves x

Your Google-Fairy is here to help :-)
Having not a clue what EFT was I just Googled it and it's Emotional Freedom Technique (also known as Tapping or EFT Tapping) Check it out yourselves, this is a safe thing to Google :-D


Lol I like google fairy Tivoli :). My mother in law does it it's another form of hynotherapy which you can do yourself or go to a qualified person. I have been tapped my mother in law before xx 

Tivoli, how brilliant you are as a Google Fairy! Here is the link which I learned from, clear and effective and on a nice breast cancer support site:

I've really benefitted today. 

Sarah - sorry for postponement of op, if it is moved to 4th August we can be hysterectomy buddies. Mind you, I am thinking of postponing a week so I have have lovley anaesthetist as she is on holidy that week and I get funny with Drs that I don't know. I have EFTd that today though so coming to terms with it. It is easy to tap yourself and you can choose endless things to tap about! 

Yes to the hitting in waves - suddenly remembering the cancer and the treatment and it's like the ground shifts. Sometimes I say to myself 'I am alive right now' as that feels like the only positive at that moment. Goodness our minds are amazing if we have OK moments at all! Tofu curry... That sounds good actually, I think my tastes are changing ;-)

Is anyone finding that they can't settle to anything, I can't seem to take on any tasks with any oomph unless they take less than 5 mins after which I need a sit down. 


Good morning

I have found the same with tasks.  I'm not sure what it is though, it's not lack of energy but lack of motivation.  My house is normally spotless and I normally buzz around doing dishes etc before I'll allow myself a seat, but since all this it's hard to just get stuck into things like before.

Really not sure why though ...

ps the tofu curry was ok although I didnt press the tofu for long enough so was a little bit like eating a curried sponge!




Ohhhh I like s bit of tapping!! xx You can do it on yourself you don't need someone to do it for you! Xx