Normal Smear and HPV negative during 6 month check up, but I have abnormal bleeding. Scared, advice please?

Hi there!

So I just had my 6 month test of cure smear a few weeks ago, after having a LLETZ in May to remove CIN3 and CGIN. I was over the moon to receive my smear results last week which showed a normal smear and HPV Negative, yay!! However for the first time ever I have abnormal bleeding (it's quite light but has lasted all day, sorry for the TMI). Does this mean I could still have abnormal cells? Is there a chance my smear and HPV test results could both be wrong? I'm really panicking as I thought this was all over with until my next smear and now I'm worrying what is causing the bleeding? What are the chances my smear and HPV test were both wrong?


Thank you! :-)