Cells not tested for CIN after LLETZ due to HPV Negative

Hi there, I have a question I wondered if anyone can shed some light on for me. 

Last year I had LLETZ done after they found CIN3. I had my follow-up smear two weeks ago and have now had my results back. 

They say that the HPV test came back as negative, and because of this they did not need to carry out any further tests on my sample. 

This makes me slightly nervous as I read it as the lab not checking for the presence of abnormal cells. 

Is this normal protocol? I thought they would check for any cell changes due to last year's abnormalities. 

I am no expert but i guess your smear didn’t show any abnormalities and  that’s why they didn’t need to test the cells. Did you ask them about the actual smear result?  No HPV is fantastic news though! That means that you probably never had it and your previous abnormal cells were probably due to inflammation. Chances are from now on you are very likely to have normal smears all the time! 

Sorry but I disagree with previous poster. Testing negative doesn’t mean you never had it, it just means it has now gone dormant. It could stay dormant forever or it could pop back up at some time. 

It is very good news to now be negative though!! I guess they’re saying that if you’re negative then the cells have nothing to cause them to change, so they’re assuming they’re normal, or if they’re not normal then they at least can’t progress. Not sure I agree with it to be honest! But just focus on being HPV negative which means there’s nothing there to cause your cells to change! :) xx

Thank you ladies for your replies. I think perhaps I hadn't been pleased enough about the HPV negative part! It is great news :) 

I'm relieved to hear that it means they shouldn't progress. I have only had a letter so far so not had a chance to talk to anyone about it. I think perhaps I'll mention it to my GP next time I see her. 

Thanks again :) 

OMG! Thanks for this, this is my situation exactly (almost, waiting on my Pap test results to come back) and I was scheduled to come in 6months post Leep and have a colposcopy (today) the only thing they did was the Pap and HPV testing. I was freaking out. Thanks ladies...

Hi my hpv test was negative they still said I had cin3 after biopsy. My lletz results have came back with absolutely no cin present so I'm also pretty confused but I hope it my case can provide you with some comfort. Hope you are well x