Bleeding after smear

Hello I wonder if anyone can help me. I've just been for my 6 monthly check up after having my abnormal cells burnt off, the nurse done a smear test and it started to bleed is this normal? she said because i had cin3 before and she couldnt see my cervix properly as it was bleeding she took a biopsy just to be safe. She also said with what she could see there was nothing cancerous Which is good but I am soo worried!!!! Please can someone help me or give me advise? Thank you. 

Hi Natalie,

My 6 month check up was a colposcopy at the hospital and the doctor said I bled alot. He said this was because one part of my cervix hadn't healed properly from the lletz. Try not to panic because it's quite likely it'll be something like this. It's good that the nurse said she couldn't see anything cancerous so try to keep your mind off it until you get your smear results back (easier said than done I know).

Good luck! :) x


Thank you so much. I think the worst part is waiting for the results! I'm 25 and had my 1st smear in January and it's been ongoing since then and now just want it all over with x

Same here. I had my first smear at 24.5 in November last year and it just feels never ending. Hoping for a clear result to have a bit of time to clear my head from it :)