Confused and worried

Hi ladies,

I'm not sure if it's the right place to post this but no1 seems to know. I wanted some opinions if possible please as I'm worrying and don't seem to have anyone to talk to that understands.

I had my first abnormal smear in March 2016 and needed Lletz treatment on CIN 3 but was told all was removed and check up in 6 months. I had the repeat smear in Oct 2016 which was normal but HPV was inconclusive. So lucky me was back again 6 months later for another smear. That was in Feb 2017. I got the results of that smear which showed no HPV found but borderline changes in the cells. However the letter said as they found no HPV so I was back to routine 3 yearly smears!!! 

I am worried about this because I have been bleeding after sex for about 3/4 months now and have bad back pain at night...however I've been assured by the doctor that there's no need to repeat the smear because i don't have the HPV virus Therefore I do not have cancer.

I've read stories where cancer can grow inwards so it's garder to detect and I have also read that you can develop cervical cancer without having HPV so I'm a little confused, can anyone shed some light on this plz?

Thanks for reading xx

Hi. Have you had the bleeding after sex since the LLETZ? There are other reasons for bleeding after sex besides cancer. If you are still worried I would go to another Dr and ask for a scan. I also have the same symptoms and I got referred for a scan, luckily nothing was found.

Hi thank you for your reply.

no I had the Lletz done in May 2016 but been bleeding after sex only for about 3/4 months now.

thats a good idea I may go back to the doctors.

the letter from my last smear said if I have any new symptoms to go back x