Repeat smear and HPV results, confused

Hi everyone,

Firstly I’m sorry for the situation your all in and its great to have this forum for support.
I am hoping someone can reassure me on my situation or if someone has had the same experience as me.

I had an abnormal smear result in April this year which resulted in needing Lletz treatment for CIN3 and was told it was due to the cells growing too quickly. Since having this treatment I have had a few problems with my cycle ie. mid cycle spotting, unusual discharge, pelvic pains…anyway, 2 weeks ago I had my 6 month check up smear and I discussed all of this with the nurse but she just said to wait for the results.

So I received my results last Friday and the letter says that the cells looked normal but the HPV test came back inconclusive and I am booked in for another smear in 3 months time to allow the cells time to grow back again.

I’m so confused by this as I thought that abnormal cells grew or healthy cells turn abnormal because the HPV virus was present? So if the cells look normal now could I have HPV? And if so can the HPV be a bad one (as I know there are different types) do you have to have abnormal cells and HPV for it to develop into CC? I know this is extreme thinking but because of the symptoms I keep having as well I’m feeling nervous and very unsure of whats happening.

Can someone shed some light for me please, or talk to me if you’ve had a similar situation.

I appreciate you reading. Thanks xx