Confused with smear and HPV results

Repeat smear results 

Hi all,
I'm wondering whether someone has been in a similar situation as me or if anyone can just reassure me.

Short story, I had an abnormal smear (high grade) last year in march which resulted in CIN 3 and I needed Lletz treatment. I had my 6 month repeat smear in October 2016 and that came back normal but the test for the HPV virus was inconclusive so they wanted me to have both tests done again last month.

So this morning I've had the results of those tests and I'm confused.

The results say that my smear shows slight abnormalies in the cells borderline changes but HPV was negative. Therefore they think the abnormalities will just go away on its own and I'm due my next smear in 3 years!!

I am shocked as it was only October that it was normal and that I won't be seen now for 3 years? 

Thanks for reading

Jess xx

I would push for a yearly check up instead of 3 years...they did the same to me and it seems so irresponsible! 

Thank you for your reply. Well I was shocked to read that they didn't want to see me for so long. Especially as it's only been 7 months since I had a normal smear to it being abnormal again. 

What did you do? x

I would definitely go back to your doctor and tell them your concerns. That doesn't sound right to me. I had an abnormal smear and had HPV, they checked me six months later and I was fine and then again 12 months after that again and I was fine the second time. hope that you go on okay and that your doctor is understanding 

Thank you for your comment Beckster79.

I know, the letter also made a point of saying if I get any symptoms at all in the meantime I need to see a doctor and have another smear test. And it sounds like they are covering their backs by giving me that advice Because theres a chance the abnormalities won't go...I just don't feel very reassured. 

I may speak to my doctor and see what they say x