confused and worried

Hi ladies,

I wanted some opinions if possible please as I'm worrying and don't seem to have anyone to talk to that understands.

I had my first abnormal smear in March 2016 and needed Lletz treatment on CIN 3 but was told all was removed and check up in 6 months. I had the repeat smear in Oct 2016 which was normal but HPV was inconclusive. So lucky me was back again 6 months later for another smear. That was in Feb 2017. I got the results of that smear which showed no HPV found but borderline changes in the cells. However the letter said as they found no HPV so I was back to routine 3 yearly smears!!! 

I am worried about this because I have been bleeding after sex for about 3/4 months now and have bad back pain at night...however I've been assured by the doctor that there's no need to repeat the smear because i don't have the HPV virus Therefore I do not have cancer.

I've read stories where cancer can grow inwards so it's garder to detect and I have also read that you can develop cervical cancer without having HPV so I'm a little confused, can anyone shed some light on this plz?

Thanks for reading xx