confused :(

Hi, 7 months ago I had lletz treatment for cin2. I have just had my followup smear test results and it came back normal. However I have tested positive for hpv. I have now been invited for another colposcopy with further treatment possible. I am confused as to why I have to have this done again as my pap was normal? Anyone been through this? 



Hi, I've just found out I have hpv from my colopscopy results. I have repeat smear in 6 months also, I belive it because you're at higher risk or developing cell Changes again, so they are just keeping an eye on us.

However I am just as confusedand worried if I will always have abnornal Smear. 

It's awful isn't it. When I first read the letter and saw that the pap was normal I was so happy until I carried on reading. Did you have an abnormal smear or just hpv? Did they give you any treatment for it? It worries me as I have read that the more treatment you have can have effects on future pregnancies and that's something I hoped to do in the next couple of years x 

It is horrible and I'm a natural worrier!

I had my first smear December at 24.5- results serve changes. I had my colopscopy biopsy and tissue removal 17thDecember... I got my results a couple of weeks ago stating I had CIn 2/3 changes and Cign high grade changes (still not sure what this is!). I'm a nurse so looked mu lab result up, which stated hpv! Noone has actually told me this yet, I've looked my results up myself. I then received a letter saying I would need a repeat colopscopy in 6 months and have a date for July.

Do you have the date for yours or is it in 6 months? If it's 6 months I really wouldn't worry they are keeping a closer eye on you, and colopscopy as uou know is similar to smear, but if they see something they can biopsy it and zap it there and then, rather then do another smear and then await another appointment.

Ito worry about fertility and how long this can go on for, but again I don't have or not been told much information at all. Is very frustrating!

Hope that helps  

It really does help knowing there are people out there worrying like me lol. I had my smear 2 weeks ago and got a letter today for colposcopy 27th February. I found it strange that I don't have to wait 6 months as my pap was normal, so why would they need to remove anything yet! I assume there must be different grades of hpv then? X 

If the pap was normal I'm sure you have nothing to worry about. Yes there are different grades, maybe for people with hpv, they like to be extra sure Or have to take another sample to check hpv strain?

Sorry I'm not much help! 

If I was you I'd keep positive pap was normal. If you have any updates let me know! X