Normal after LLETZ?

Hi all! 


Just wondering if anyone who's had LLETZ has had this, as I'm unsure whether what's happening is worth calling the clinic about. Had the procedure on the 10th June, had no bleeding at all until Friday just gone. It's a good week and half early to be a period which is usually very regular. The bleeding has been relatively light, but looks quite bright and fresh and I've been getting a bit of lower back discomfort and a bit of bloating. I think there are all sorts of 'normal' after LLETZ but the bleeding seemed quite delayed, so was just wanting to see if any other ladies have had this? 




Emma x

Hi Emma, 

I've not had LLETZ so have no real experience but have many posts on here from ladies that have. I believe what you are describing is perfectly normal after this procedure. If you are worried though give the clinic a call. I'm sure they'll not mind.

I'm sure some ladies in the know will be along with their words of wisdom soon enough.

Best of luck

Rachel x

Hi Emma,

I didnt start bleeding untill 10days after my lletz & my dr said this was totally normal & you can stop/start bleeding anytime in the 3-4weeks healing time.


Hi Emma, My experience was the same as Grace's also and i certainly felt bloated as you have mentioned. I was more or less back to normal after 4 weeks. :-) x

Thanks ladies! I'll treat it as perfectly normal in that case. I feel I've got a new and weird relationship with my bits now so not quite sure if anything they've done in the past couple of months is to be expected or not! 

Rachel - I will hit the clinic up if it goes from odd-but-bearable to just plain odd. I've been avoiding calling them as I might be tempted to beg for results! I've been as cool as a cucumber since the 10th and I don't want to rock my calm little boat.


Emma x 

I started bleeding about 10 days after lletz also. Personally I wouldn't worry unless you display signs of infection.