Post LLETZ bleeding

LLETZ was on 3 Sept, Moderately heavy bleed for about a day and a half. Since then every couple of days or so a bit of a show, mainly when I've been to the loo and see pink on the loo roll. So that's 4 weeks. Also most days a bit of an ache in my belly, can't tell if it's gynecological or digestive. Not severe - more discomfort than pain.

Just wondering what others have experienced and how it compares.

I have had LLETZ procedure ,  4 days ago , I am still having a slight bleeding   I have to continuously where a pad for this 

It says it last 3 to 5 days and in some cases up to 4 weeks as this how long it takes for the cervix to heal 

I just find when I go for a wee , it can still a bit afterwards has anyone else had this ? 

I've been told about the donts afterwards eg no bath for fours weeks and exercise  but have read no heavy lifting etc , such as carrying groceries  is this correct? 



I had hardly any bleeding straight after my LLETZ but then about a week after, heavy bleeding started and carried on for about 3 weeks.  It very gradually became less but the last week was heavier (I think that was my period though).

Anyway, I think it’s normal to bleed for quite some time, but if you are concerned then ring the clinic :-)


Hi Cagney, I had similar discomfort, not agonising pain or anything, just like achy, sometimes bloated and sometimes like mild period pain. Very pinky red blood, not like period blood. I only started bleeding a week after LLETZ, and its eased off a bit now, more like spotting (Mine was on 23rd sept) .

My poos are a bit loose sometimes but that may be because I'm on antibiotics because I may have had an infection after. 

Thank you both xxxx I feel reassured, I'm not dissimilar to you - I'm going to get the biopsy results tomorrow so I can ask then but it's very light bleeding.