Nobody answering posts

feeling lost and sad 

hey spiros, sorry to hear you're feeling down. i guess there is not a happy reason to visit this board eh? :(

Sorry you are feeling this way Spiros. I guess people simply can't answer your questions.. 

From reading your other posts I'm inclined to say that it is extremely unlikely that you have cc but (like most on here) I'm no doctor. We are all in the same position of waiting & worrying but I don't think over analysing everything will help (I know it's easy to say- I have placed all my thoughts to the back of my mind and been busying myself with anything & everything. I feel an awful lot better for doing so as it really can consume you).  You should really try & distract yourself until your results are back or perhaps visit your gp tomorrow with your concerns. 

Lots of luck to you and really hope you find some peace with it. 

I dont think it is because people dont want too like Sharper says, its because we do not know the answers :-( 

The only answer is the waiting game really, ive been waiting since Jan for answers and still dont have them. Going back in 24th June for repeat smear/colposcopy. Unfortunately the wait can be torture but ive mananaged to stop myself worrying so, this forum has been a great source of info. Knowing Ive been told i could have high grade precancerous cells possible cgin but not sure moderate or severe I still know its not cancer and that the drs say my health is not in any risk whilst i wait has been a major comfort.

I really hope the wait isnt too long. Just try not to let it get the better of you xx

How long have you been waiting Spiros? x

Hope you're ok. I'm here every day usually but have had a busy bank holiday weekend x

Thanks lovely people!


suvh a bubblu person! So full of life yet this consumes me and im

dying to find out what's wrong. Don't mean to feel sorry for myself because there are people on here that need that. As a massive health anxiety person I guess it's the reassurance that I need and it's hard when I don't see answers.


i hope you all sleep well and that what will be will be! 


I I hope God answers my prayers... Because I need be here for my children xxx

You have every right to feel sorry for yourself, I expect we all did initially. God knows I did. I was in tears over smear results. Especially if you've never experienced anything like it before, I know I hadnt.

I was seeking reasurance just like you, unfortunately for me now it is the waiting game, but I know I am not in too big of a risk category as I have been waiting since march for them to decide what is next.

Did your colposcopist give you any indication of what they had seen? Xx 

Hi - she said it didn't look like cancer but won't be sure till results come back! How did all yours look on the screen? I know they didn't mark it as urgent because the nurse told me the colposcopost hadn't marked it. 


I rang today... No results!! X

My dr at the colposcopy told me I had high grade precancerous changes, with a lot of emphasis on precancerous, meaning they were not cancer or any more serious than what they anticipated initially, so from that I knew it wasnt suspected as cancer.

Did she not say anything to give you an inclination of what she thought you had.

I know they are not able to rule cancer out as they only go by sight, but im sure if it was they would suspect it and say and get you back in extremely quickly. Waiting can sometimes mean that the problem isnt as serious, as ive seen people with urgent problems be seen very very quickly in relation to those without, so sometimes the longer u wait the better.

I didn't want to look at the screen so dont know :-/ xx 

She didn't really give much info just there were white parches near the entrance! 


I I am frightened awaiting the results. X

You could always telephone them to explain a bit more to you, they may be able to give an indication of cin if there is any at all and at the very least put your mind at rest, I know if they sense you worried and stressed that they tend to give you info If they can, at the very least they should tell you what was seen even if the results arent back yet. 

I really hope your results are with you soon as can see it is really getting to you :( xx 

Thank you luv. 


It os really getting to me. Half term aswel so can't enjoy the week! 


I just want them back!! 


What at could they tell me without having the biopsy though? X


Mine told me she could see my bordeline changes and high grade precancerous cells. She told me I would need an op to have them out as they were in large clusters high up but couldnt do it on the day as too tricky to reach under lletz with local aneasthetic or she would have done it there and then. She just took biopsys.

I guess maybe they cant tell always, or some just dont disclose the info

They dont say much, I had to ask for it really, she had reassured me that precancerous cells were not cancer but id left untreated would develop over a long period. If she hadnt told me anything I would have demanded she did, unless there was nothing to tell. Alrhough im in limbo at the mo as my biopsys came back normal, so waiting for another at the end of june. Its been a really long wait, but I know I just have to get on with it as its all I can do.

They obviously cant give you the proper results until the biopsy results are back but they are trained to know what they see. 

You wont loose anything by asking at least you will know if they can or cant then :-)

Please try to enjoy ht, focus on the kiddies, put all your efforts into them, life throws many curve balls now and again, you just cant let it get the better of you. I appreciate it is hard but please try xx

Lovely advice thank you.


sows it depend on the depth of white? How can they see the difference? My worry is that they are further up the canal and that's why my smears have missed it!


because I'm having symptoms it's worrying me x

She should have been able to see if they were further up, thats why they do the colposcopy for a more in depth look. 

Im not sure about the depth and difference of white areas, but read that even cin1 can show up white, so im sure you dont have to worry as much x Certain cells show certain changes and they are trained to see that with the naked eye. 

Because you are having symptoms I guess that will make you worry more :-( Please try not too, I hope it does get easier for you, I know its hard as all you want is answers, I resorted to google and not all of what I fouand was bad, its definitely clued me up on a lot of stuff. Even found a possible cause for my normal biopsy, could have tunnel clusters which can make the cells change to look like pre cancerous changes but are not and are completely normal :-) x