Feeling terrified, sad and all emotions under the sun!

Hi Ladies, 

I'm new to this site but saw a poster in my Colposcopy waiting area last Thursday so as I'm feeling horrendously low, scared and confused I thought I'd give it a try.

I had my first smear request letter at the beginning of April and attended 5 days later. My results arrived last two weeks ago with severe CIN 3, and had my colposcopy treatment last Thursday. The DR was lovely but what has plagued my mind ever since is the fact he told me if I had'nt had the treatment my CIN 3 would of turned to cancer. I am terrified of receiving my biopsy results (2-4 week wait!!!!) And have been suffering the abnormal heavy bleeding and clotting since my treatment.

I went to my GP today who, I feel, has 'poo pooed' away my symptoms and prescribed me some tablets to stop my bleeding. I just feel so mentally and emotionally low since my treatment and often find myself crying randomly throughout different points of the day. I suffer from minor bi-polar and not sure if this is whats causing my anxiety towards treatment and waiting for results. 

I feel blessed that I received my smear request letter at 24 yrs and 6 months and not waited until I turned 25! Has anyone got any advice for me regarding calming my anxiety and what possibilities I have at receiving a clear negative biopsy result - I know your not DR's but just wanted to know what the chance/percentage is if there is such a thing!

Thank you xxx

Hi all you can do is take one day at a time . The waiting is the hardest part and can play heavily on our minds . Talk to friends,family or ladies on here it honestly helps to share your worries . x

The waiting is frustrating me so much.....I just keep crying at random points all the time and these new Meds from my GP yesterday are making me feel shocking :( I hate moaning so much! Just wish these results would hurry up x

I know it's horrible, i had to wait for biopsy results and felt sick all week. Was relieved when they came, and got booked in for Loop Exercision treatment which is tomorrow. But now I am dreading going back into the waiting game for the biopsy results from that.

I am no doctor, but i am sure i read the loop is nearly 100% successful in treating CIN 3.

The only thing you can do to help anxiety is to keep busy, make lots of plans so you aren't on your own too much as i find that is when i go crazy and start googling and worrying xx

Hi Sweetie,

Thank you for the advice! I do noy envy your 2nd Loop Ex procedure, mine traumatised me! Bless you hope it all goes well keep us up to date - everything crossed!

Luckily we have just bought a house so moving in 2 weeks time so trying to keep busy packing - i have double stress at the moment! Going back to the GP tomorrow to get off the meds he gave me for the bleeding, they've made me quite poorly so far! Hoping not long to go before my results come back!



Hi Coral, I had my LLETZ today. It wasnt too bad! I didnt have a LLETZ at my first colposcopy, just punch hole biopsy which is why i had to go back!

I asked the doctor how likely a LLETZ is to work, and he said 7% failure rate which isn't bad is it! I have CGIN too which is harder to treat so bet your odds are even better :-) Good luck with the move! xx

Hi PrincessE

Glad all went OK today, you gotta wait 2-4 weeks for your results now? Fingers crossed for you :)

Oh brilliant thanks for asking for me.....feeling a lot more hopeful now YAY :) will keep you posted when I do get the results though....probably on the same day I get the keys to the new house knowing my luck! hehe


Hi coralleigh.  Same boat as you! Im 25, had first smear and just had coloscopy on monday (28/4) had loop also and awaiting results. The waiting is honestly driving me mad!! X

Hi anyaanya,

How did you feel after your loop? I'ved suffered a lot with heavy bleeding and clots :( and these meds my GP gave me (Tranexamic acid) aren't helping!

I agree the wait is starting to become more unbareable :( and i know its upsetting my fiance too bless him!

Was it your first smear that discovered your abnormalities? I feel thats whats made it worse emotionally 


Hey,  yeah first one for me too. Bit of a shock coz everyone always just says it will be fine. To be honest it hasn't been to bad yet bleeding wise. No clots as of yet, and only been heavy yesterday. Does yours seem to be getting lighter or heavier? Or does it just vary? My fiance is the same, trying to act normal but I can tell its effecting him. I'm fine during the day but then my mind runs wild on a night the second I get into bed! 

 Did your nurse say how long your results will take? I was told 4-6 weeks cz of bank holiday, which I think is rediculous. 

Got my fingers corssed that everything is ok for you and your results come back good! Xx

Oh and odd question....do you find you need to wee more? X

Hhey sweetie, 

EYeah they told me about 2-4 weeks, assuming it varies depending on the NHS constituancy, like smear testing does! Either way its a bloody long time I dont understand why it would take so long?! My bleeding has just got worse no variance, so back off the meds now and just seeing what happens over the weekend :( its affecting my job with it being physical I cant do my job outside the officw for pain, safety and fear of being 'caught short'.

Glad you've got a supportive fiance too...hope he helps you with the nighttime anxiety, mine would but he works nights Tues-Fri every week :( but otherwise he's been amazing. Think it helped that he came with me for treatment as he could ask questions himself :)

Oh and on the wee thing, i'm going constantly!! It's sooo strange!! Whem did you have your biopsy again?


Ah no. Hope it eases up a bit for you! Im a nursery nurse so dunno what I would do if mine was really bad! 


Had it on the 28th so its only been 5 days and im already sick of waiting!