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I've finally plucked up the courage to post on this site after days of reading posts and seeing how brave and inspirational some of you are on here!!

I'm 24.5 and had my first smear just over a week ago, and on Thursday I came home from work to a letter which said my cells were abnormal (high grade dyskaryosis) and I've got to go for colposcopy! I'm not ashamed to admit that all I have done since then is cry, worry and plan how I'm going to cope if I've got CC. I lost my mum to cancer (lung) 2 years ago and I cant help but think the worst and worry worse case scenario that I've got cancer and it's spread and I'm going to leave my 2 year old daughter behind! It's daft, but believe me I've thought of every scenario!

I'm also worried about having the colposcopy procedure, does it hurt? Does lletz hurt? I'm just truly worried of the unknown, and finding out of things are going to be ok or not! Truth beknown I'd in a way rather not know but I know I need to go and have it done! Did anyone else feel this way and how did you keep strong and positive?


Ahh bless you.


i can tell you about the colposcopy. It initially feels no worse than a smear. You can't feel the liquid they put on to look for the cells. I won't lie if they take a biopsy it feels a little pinch inside! Then I have had period pains since. I had mine done on Wednesday.


i cried in the chair when they saw white patches and I have also cried since. It is awful waiting for the results.


please ask any questions and I will try my best to help x


marie xx

Thanks Marie xxx


How are you feeling about it all? I just can't seam to stop crying and nothing has even been said about it all yet so I can't imagine what you must be feelong waiting for the results and I don't even know how I'm going to contain myself waiting for mine!!

What did your smear come back as? And did they give you any indication when you had it done if it could be CC? I've read that some people go and the doctor is sometimes already sure if they've got it or not - I'm just so scared about it all!! Did you go into work after having it done or do they recommend you rest afterwards?

Vicky xxx 

hi I am in the same position as you apart from I'm now waiting post lletz for my result, I had my first ever abnormal smear in 20 years on the 28th April, within two weeks I had a letter saying I've been urgently booked for a colposcopy and lletz treatment for high grade abnormal cells and suspected glandular neoplasia, I freaked right out! So quickly it all happened and when I phoned my gp she basically said it was the highest grade cells that you could get, my appointment was booked for the 18th may and tbh the experience was absolutely fine, they asked me questions and totally put me at ease whilst I had the colposcopy and I could watch it all on the screen, he performed the lletz at the same time which was uncomfortable but fine and not half as bad as I imagined, he told me that it was nothing that couldn't be sorted with treatment and that I should hear back within 4 weeks with the results, I was so anxious at first which by reading all the comments in the forum i quickly realised that this was normal, I had pains that evening and have been having watery discharge for about a week since but again I think this is pretty normal, please don't be worried or anxious honestly you will be having the best treatment available to you and it's not half as bad as you think it will be, big hugs xx

Hi lovel, oh bless you, it's such a stressful time isn't it :(. Something I discovered after I had my abnormal smear results and talking to friends is just how common this is. Out of a group of 10 of my female friends, 7 have had a colposcopy after an abnormal smear. Some of them were sent home at the colp after finding everything was normal (after resesehing online I've found 4 in 10 women who have had an abnormal smear have a normal colposcopy and it was actually a false alarm). I had a LLETZ and it was absolutely fine. The thought of it was worse than anything. Hang in there, you'll be fine and we are here xx

Hi LadyG90

My reaction was worry and crying as soon as I saw the abnormal result. What you're going through is totally understandable. The colposcopy is just like a smear but your legs are up so the doctor can look through a sort of microscope and also take a biopsy. The LLETZ didn't hurt at all. I was more emotional due to the anxiety but I had wonderful nurse who just held my hand and told me what was happening. I decided not to look at the screen. I felt cramps like period pain that evening and I decided not to go to work the following day and rest. The worst thing is waiting for the results. I only had a tiny bit of bleeding and totally rested for a couple of weeks, no exercise. I just took each day as it come. After the initial shock of all this wore off, I tried to keep busy and talk to friends who had also been though this. We are here if you want to chat too.


Thank you all, you've put my mind to rest about having the colposcopy! It was booked for a week today but I just couldnt wait that long that I rang them today and theyve booked me in for Thursday instead!

just hoping for a positive outcome, I know I can't change the inevitable but I'm just trying to cope with whatever they are going to say - I can't believe how stressful this is!! I just want it out of the way now :(


Whale shark - did they say how it could go from normal to high dek so quickly x



just wondering where you're at now?

im in the same boat as you by the sounds of it. I'm 24, had high grade dyskaryosis, colposcopy and lletz performed, now awaiting my results. But I am in an absolute state, so traumatised and struggle with day to day life, waiting for those results.


Would appreciate your feedback.