Help, worried and don't know what to think

Hi, just browsing and found this site . thank god

i had a smear done last year with abnormal results so had another 6 months later. this also came back with abnormal cells so was sent for a colposcopy 4 weeks ago. They removed the cells there and then and done a biopsy.  The doctor said 7-10 days for results so as it's been 4 weeks now I've been worried! So today I get a call from the hospital saying the gynae wants me to go back in tomorrow at 4pm ☹️ I asked what it's about but the nurse I spoke to said she doesn't know ☹️ I'm sitting here nearly crying as I don't know what to think.



I know exactly how you're feeling and I can only advise you to try and get an early night and not worry too much although I know that's easier said than done.  You'll be in very safe hands and if you need any further treatment, you'll be looked after and everything will be all sorted before you know it.  Take care and if you need to PM me after your appointment for a chat please do. xx

You won't know until you see them.. It might just be that they didn't get lead margins and want to another procedure or maybe it's conflicting with smear results.

fingers crossed and keep us posted x


Had appointment and as I expected not good news. Cancer found :-( I can't breathe can't think, I'm numb.

ive no more tears left someone please tell me I will be Ok im only 33yrs old


I'm really sorry to hear that Debz. I have no advice as I haven't had a diagnosis. however there are so many lovely ladies on here who will know what you're going through. Maybe post in the diagnosis forum for more advice. 

I hope you're okay xx

Bless you hun. So sorry to hear this. You will beat this!!! Make sure you post on the newly diagnosed board. There are some amazing ladies in here xxx