No mans land!

I’m 57 years old and 7-8 yrs. post menopause after an episode of post-menopausal bleeding I was referred on the 2-week pathway. I had a pipelle biopsy of my womb and a week later a pelvic + transvaginal ultrasound. Last week the consultant called to say that my womb was fine, but they are concerned about my cervix and histology picked up some “precancerous cervical cells” He said next steps would be an MRI and CT scan followed by a meeting with the MDT to discuss further treatment. He also said I need to go in for a blood test to test kidney function prior to the MRI.

From reading here and other places none of this makes any sense. Why no biopsy of my cervix?

I can’t help thinking they are trying not to cause me worry by being less than honest with me and whilst I appreciate the sentiment it’s frustrating as hell. I’d far prefer to know exactly what I am dealing with!


Hi @pragmatic, I’m sorry to hear you are going through this, I’m fairly certain that they have to be honest with you, possibly they aren’t entirely sure but an mri and ct scan will give them the information they need, they give so much detail and maybe they want that in order to give you accurate information?
I wish I had an in-depth answer for you but you shouldn’t have to wait to long for answers once you have had the scans, hopefully someone else here might have more experience and can help you better!
Wishing you well xx

Thanks so much for the kind words Gizzy, my scans are both booked for next week so hopefully i’ll know more soon! It’s a bit weird as when asked why I’m having these scans i don’t really have an answer lol

Your welcome, we have all been at stages like this wanting answers and questioning everything!
Fingers crossed :crossed_fingers:t2: it’s positive news for you!
In the meantime keep busy, spoil yourself and stay away from Dr Google! (I’m always posting that but honestly resist the temptation :joy:) xx

Hi Pragmatic
I agree with Gizzy just take one step at a time, i know it’s easier said than done, The waiting is the worst you will lay awake some nights going over things but it does get better and they will let you know everything when they know

Take care of yourself and there are lovely helpful people on here

Liggy :heart:

Hi Liggy
Yes i know what you mean, for me the feeling of being out of control is the worst bit, i’d prefer to know every suspicion, every thought process etc… I have sort of resigned myself to the bad news that all you ladies have sadly already had, either that or i have the most cautious Dr in the NHS :grin:

Hi @pragmatic

I don’t think there is any attempt to hide anything from you so as not to cause worry. I think a much more likely explanation is that they simply don’t know at the moment exactly what’s going on, and need further tests to clarify. Much better to be able to give you definite answers based on facts rather than start to make guesses.

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Hi pragmatic

Try and stay positive it may be better than you think. I tried to stay positive and i got the best result I could have hoped for.

And like everyone says they need time to do all the tests so they can do the best for you

Fingers crossed for you and let us know how you get on

Liggy :heart:

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