Hello Lovely Ladies,

I'm new & confused!!!

I had a colposcopy 8/4/15 & I was told I had CC. She said she thought it was stage one. I've now been told my chest X-ray & bloods have all come back clear & the 3 biopsies they took at my colposcopy have come back with no signs of cancer but she wants me to go for abother biopsy under GA as she thinks I do still have cancer but further in the tissue of the cervix. Has anyone else had this please? My MRI is on Fri which I'm REALLY nervous about what it might find! Xxx

Hiya :-)

Well, I can't tell you what it will find, it may find some cancer cells but given all the tests you have already had it doesn't sound like it can be very big and bad or that you have had them for very long. I think that if there is any cancer at all, it will be as you were told, stage one.

Be lucky


Thank you so much for taking the time out of your day to respond, it's very kind of you x

Not at all sweetheart :-)



Ii had a loop biopsy on wednesday and was told my the consultant that he suspects cancer, very confused as I was told CIN3 have regular smears and no signs. Havent cried in three days but its on my mind having mri so as of yet no results its the waiting.

Sorry to hear that. The waiting is horrid. I was told an obvious 1b1 cancer & now I have no idea!! X

Was you told from your biopsy the grade. Did u havd mri done


Was you told from your biopsy the grade. Did u havd mri done


Grade was told from colposcopy but punch biopsies are clear now so not sure! Goino under Tom so hopefully will know more then