Just received results-Advice please.

Hi everybody, had appt yesterday for internal bladder and bowel check pre op assessment, and was called in for biopsy and MRI results feedback. Bad news that biopsies confirmed cc 1B1, but the better news was that the MRI pelvic scan results were clear.I was advised that I would be called in for a CT scan next week, and would be in for my internal checks under GA on 14/4. I was a complete mess hearing the results, but was assured that my condition was very treatable, and everything should be ok. I Was advised that when they have the internal checks and CT scan results, they will meet with the team at (name of hospital removed) to decide on the treatment options. Can you you please tell me why I will also need a CT scan as well as the MRI, and with these results as well as my internal checks, could this then change my staging from 1B1. Thank you for your help, I know I should have asked about this at the Hospital, but I was a total mess. Thanks again. XXx

Hello, I was in exactly the same place as you jan 2012 and I know exactly how you will Be feeling.I can tell you what happened to me and this may answer your questions. CT and MRI to inform the MDT team at the hospital. They conidered my results to work out how much of a biopsy to remove during the cone biopsy. I went in for a cone biopsy and luckily my margins were clear. I could then go for a tracelectomy with node removal rather than a hysterectomy. I went in for my tracelectomy but my nodes looked beefy. My consultant stopped the op and sent them away for testing. All fine so two weeks later I had the final op. Monitored every 8 weeks. MRI ever 6 months. Now down to cgeck ups ever 8 months and no MRIs. Cancer free since aug 2012. Currently TTC. Good luck and keep the faith. They know what they are doing xxxxx



Thank you very much for your reply, it is so reassuring to know that Iam not alone on this horrible journey. We're you also staged at 1B1 ? Thanks again xxxxxx

Hi Diane,  

As the other lady said the mri and ct are to get as much information as possible for the mdt meeting. I too had a mri and ct, both were clear. Then had a cone biopsy and lymph node removal. I was too staged 1b1,  thus treatment was chosen due to my age, 28. The waiting is the worst. In my experience I was calmer and less tearful once I knew what was going to happen. 

I wish you all the best with your treatment. 


Hi Michelle, thank you so much for your advice, at times like this Jo's Trust Website is brilliant. As you say, the waiting is the worst part of the journey.Thanks again, I will keep you all posted. Good luck and loving thoughts to you all. XXXXX

I was 1b1 too. I know it is hard but you just have to believe in the professionals. A wise and kind consultant told me "Listen to what I am saying not what I am not"  I even worried about the doctors body language and convinced myself something was wrong. In my experience they tell you straight xx

Thank you so much for your support and advice. Although I get loads of love and help from my family and friends, hearing from all of you with your experiences is priceless and so reassuring. Lots of love and big hugs to you all, I will keep you posted with my progress. XXXX

Hi Diane,

I was another 1b1 lady, my diagnosis came out of the blue as I had no symptoms at all and was only picked up on a routine smear. They will want to give you the best treatment for your situation so all the tests are routine although of course it is all very daunting. I was terrified as I had never even had a GA before! Thankfully the staff where I was treated were fabulous and very supportive, plus having people on here to talk to who have been through it really helped me to stay positive. Will keep everything crossed for you, let us know how it goes 


Amy xx 

Hi Amy, thank you so much for your advice and support. I am in tomorrow for the internal checks under GA, and hopefully will get my CT scan results. I am still really scared about it all, but I don't know where I would be without all you lovely ladies and Jo's Helpline. thanks again and I will keep you all posted. xxx