MRI! Feeling very worried

Hi all, don’t know if anyone has gone through similar situation to me and can try and shed some light as I’m so confused and worried.

ive been having abnormal bleeding after intercourse went to the doctors who referred me to gynaecology had an examination and biopsy taken few weeks later had a letter saying I had abnormal cells and I need to have a loop excision, attended that on 31/12 nurse told me it was cgin and had another biopsy taken. Had a phone call yesterday saying I needed to have bloods taken and to go for an MRI scan. Now I’m just thinking the worst as surely they would only send me for an mri scan if they thought there was cancer present and want to see what stage or if it’s spread?! Doesn’t sound like it’s a procedure that’s normally followed so I’m thinking the worst as everyone does. 

Waiting is the worst thing I feel sick can’t sleep so hard to just get on with day to day life until you know for definite what’s going on. Has anyone else Ben through similar situation? 

Thanks for reading Ashley 


The MRI will help see if there is anything futher inside the cervix as the lletz can only biopsy the front part. This may just be a precaution to rule out anything untoward.

I had to have an MRI when 2 lettz failed to remove all the abnormal cells. My consultant wanted to make sure that there was nothing else there before deciding between watch and wait and having further treatment.  Unfortunately in my case they did spot something lurking further up. But the way I see it, it's better that they are doing all the checks than sending you away telling you its all fine.

I know how awful the waiting is, when you just want it over with.


Thanks so much for your reply and I hope you are coping as well as can be expected with getting your diagnosis. Have they said what further treatment you may need?  All I’ve been doing is googling which I know is the worst thing to do and coming up with the worst case senario. I’m only 30 have no children and Im already mentally making up senireos in my head... I’ll need a Hysterectomy I’ll need radiotherapy, chemo, what if it’s spread! The whole lot! I just hope I get my app through soon for the mri scan and bloods so I know exactly where I stand, and what I’m dealing with! the worrying alone is making me ill let alone anything else it is the worst. 



I'm waiting on results from a pet-ct scan which should give the consultant a better idea of whats going on. I had an extensive area of cin3 and I aslo have vain3  so I think i'm past the point of another lletz or cone regardless. So i reckon it will be a hysterectomy as i'm 45 and have a grown up child. 

Googling is the worst thing to do and I try and limit myself to just a little bit a day. I think its good to be informed, but too much information that isnt particularly relevent to your own situation is not helpful! 

They should get you in within 2 weeks for your MRI. They didnt with me because it was xmas and someone forgot to book it.... So chase them up if you dont get an appointment through soon. 

I find i'm a lot less stressed if i keep busy and get out and about and do stuff. 


Thanks so much for your reply sorry to hear what your going through hope your coping ok. I’ve had my mri scan through for Sunday and a consultant appointment for the 18th my anxiety has hit the roof, surely there is something more going on if I need to then see a consultant I’ve mentally prepared myself for a diognosis I just want to know what it is I’m going to be facing. Xxx

I'm coping fine. I just feel like my life is on hold until I have a definite diagnosis. But I have had time to get used to it as its been dragging on for ages.

I'm sorry you are finding yourself in this position. Its very scary and the not knowing is awful. But it sounds like they are being very thorough which I think is a good thing.

By the way the MRI is very loud! It wasnt uncomfortable at all but i was very suprised by the noise. It was like being in the middle of roadworks.


So that’s the MRI scan out of the way, was very daughnting experinece not only the noice but the confined space luckily I’m not claustrophobic but can can imagine for anyone that is for it be even more scary as even my heart was racing! Had a injection in my arm which was a muscle relaxant suppose that’s to help see all they need to without anything getting in the way, was in there for an hour all together just glad that’s out the way bloods tomorrow then all being well consultant on the 18th for results just can’t help feeling so negative about the outcome. X

Hi Ashley and Meraud,

I just wanted to wish you both the best. These early days of waiting are the absolute worst of all. I know it is so hard and scary but hang in there. Like you mentioned, stay off google, it is not your friend right now! This forum, however, can provide loads of comfort. No matter the situation, chances are someone on here has been through it, and it is such a supportive group of women that can all relate. One thing I'll tell you from my experience, whatever they do find, remember there's a lot of treatment out there these days. I found once they began my treatment, I felt soooo much better mentally just knowing something was being done about it. I will be thinking of you both and praying for you. 

Xo Amy

Hi Ashley

I'm glad you've got your scan out of the way. Its not the most pleasant experience. Just the horrible wait now to see the consultant xx 

Thanks Amy xx

So I’ve been to see my consultant I’ve been diagnosed with stage 1b and luckily it hasn’t spread anywhere else, they are discussing one of two options, either a cone procedure or a trachelectomy, because I have no children they want to give me the option to be able to have children in the future. Mixed bag of emotions finally hearing the diagnosis was a relief but makes things so real, I know it’s possibly the best outcome as it’s treatable. They are having a meeting on Wednesday to decide on which procedure and will let me know. Just hope I get it done soon so I can get on with my life feel like cancer has taken over my thoughts feelings and life for the past 3 months xx

Hi Ashley

I'm glad that its contained and that they can treat it. Hopefully you get the answers you want today regards treatment. 


Thank you, I know I count myself as lucky that there’s options for me. Have you any insight or knowledge into the cone procedure or a trachelectomy? These are the two they are thinking of doing. X

I dont really know anything about the cone or tracheloctomy except what women have posted on here. Neither of those is an option for me because of the extent of my cin3/ vain3 and size/location of cc. I'm happy (probably not the right word lol) to be having a hysterectomy, but im 45 and close to menopause anyway. I would think the cone or tracheloctomy will be a much less intrusive option for you and will keep your fertility xx