Not coping too well :(

Hi All So I have spent all day at work reading various posts on here and its all making me feel so much better and now I have decided to take the plunge and write my own post! I have so many questions! I got a call from my GP last Tuesday (7th June) to say that my smear (taken in April!) had come back with abnormalities and that I was going to have to go for a colposcopy - that happened on Friday (10th June). My nurse said she would know more when she had 'taken a look' which she did and afterwards she told me that she had 'taken away' what she could see and that was being sent off to the lab. She told me that I had to go back to her in 2 weeks (24th June) but before that I would have an MRI scan - that's tomorrow (14th). They didn't tell me it was cancer - they didn't tell me it wasn't! But my GP did say, when he called on 7th June that on a scale of 1-9 my abnormalities were on the 7/8 mark. What does that even mean!? I'm obviously in a state of panic and looking for any reassurance out there! :(

So glad you've jumped on to introduce yourself.  Welcome on board. This is the best place to be for all stages of cervical problems, because rest assured, someone on here has answers.

Unfortunately, you are now finding yourself in the What the Hell is Happening Zone. Nothing is clear, no one seems to know anything or if they do, they're not saying. The info you get is not clear and what you are told doesnt seem to mean anything that you can really understand. We have all been there and it sucks.  It's really hard not to speculate and think the worse, but try not to go there. The MRI will give your docs more info as to what's happening so that they can determine exactly what needs to be done. 

The GP's remarks are not terribly helpful. All I guess you can gather from them is that whatever is happening the docs are probably not going to leave it to sort itself out ,which they well might have done if it the abnormalities were only mild. 

Try not to panic. Whatever is going on can be treated. You've already taken the best step possible by having your smear so well done you.

Good luck with the scan tomorrow. 

Thank you Teresa - honestly I can't tell you how the forum has helped me today! I feel like it's me that needs to be the strong one which is hard but on here... You can be yourself!!

I'm also very confused about the difference between LLETZ and the Colposcopy - it there even is one? I feel so stupid!! Did I have that.. Did I not?! 

Ive had no bleeding since the procedure (thankful for small mercies) but I am 'leaking' a little and the odour isn't pleasan! Its not horrific but... It's not nice! Is that normal?


Hi KimPoss:

As far as I know, the colposcopy is when  the doc uses a special magnifying device so that he/she can have a good look at your cervix and the surrounding bits and pieces - your vagina, vulva etc.  While nosing around, the doc will take some tissue samples from the surface of your cervix and inside the cervix. The doc will send these samples/biopsies off to the lab where a specialist will examine them and see exactly what's going on.

This rooting around aggravates the cervix and can cause some discharge and/or bleeding. I've not had a colposcopy but that's what I gather from the women who have.

A LLetz procedure can also be used to gather abnormal cells and/or zap abnormal cells that are visible. This is done under LA or sometimes GA. I think this is generally considered a treatment for abnormal cells.  Your doc may do this to kill all the bad cells and then you're good to go. Totally depends on what they find out from all the samples and scans. Sometimes a LLetz isn't enough to finish the job so you'll get a different treatment.

Sounds like you had a colposcopy. 

It's a bloody steep learning curve isn't it? Way too much info to process I think, especially when you're too worried to pay attention. 

You're doing great.   Hang in there. 


Hi Kim, was up at 5 too..sorry I ddnt see your comment..good luck and hello :) x


Hi both... So had the MRI today and took comfort in that they told me that were only scanning my cervix and the 'surrounding areas' it's funny what we take comfort in isn't it! I was worried that... If it is what I think it is... That is had spread everywhere! Turns out they don't think that otherwise I would have been scanned everywhere!

Anyway they also told me they are rushing my results through and fingers crossed I could know by this Friday and not next as scheduled! That would be a relief!

Clare I saw your other post.. You're 100% in the right place On here! It has helped me no end and will help you. It's hard to say 'don't panic' because we all panic but remain positive and take solace where you can xxx



Thank you Kim. x Glad theyre only looking at the cervix and so very pleased they are not making you wait for the results for too long. This is the hardest bit..the waiting..I know the NHS is under stress but I was told today I might have to go to a hospital over 30 miles away and still wait till 24th just for the colcoscopy..if thats what i, having, no ones said and its my period due in less than two weeks and if its as bad as last time, i know ill end up in hospital as im very weak and struggling to just read. Please let us know how you get on on friday and i will be keeping everything crossed for you xxx

Hi both

Just wanted to let you know that I attended for my results on Friday and received good news! They have told me that it was CIN3 and that during the biopsy all the affected cells were removed and no further action needed! I have to return in 6 months which I wasn't expectin.. But I trust the experts!

Thank you for your kind words and support.. How are you getting on? x