Just back from my mri :(

Hey it’s me again. Ive just got home from my mri. I feel so confused at the moment as I’ve not been given a diagnosis as of yet but they have rushed me through for an mri today. I wasn’t told what they are scanning me for. As I understand they usually wait for biopsy results and prelim diagnosis before the mri. i only had the colposcopy on Monday where 2 biopsys and bloods where taken. I no I’ve had sever changes and she told me it doesn’t look good. can anyone shed some light for me. I just feel so in the dark 


thanks leanne xx

The MRI results probably form part of the picture that forms their diagnosis. The fact that its so quick suggests to me that you are having brilliant care and they are not wasting time doing everything in sequence. So don't worry! I am sure you will know as sure as they have all the information they need.

Karen x