5 days since diagnosis

Im just so confused stressed and totally out my depth.

After different things happening "down there" GP eventually took my smear. Got letter to go for colposcopy 30/6. Dr had trouble trying to do what he needed so took Biopsy n sent it away marked urgent. I should really have known then.... Went to get results 1wk later 6/7 and was diagnosed CC. Was told I would need MRI to find out more details. Ive now got an app in for 16/7.

I just think this is very quick, is this normal or should I be wary of the speed?

I am only just stopping bleeding from the biopsy and think the blood loss has exhausted me. That and I feel "battered", for want of a better word, inside from his failed colposcopy. So this is not helping my mood either.

A few weeks ago my GP said I had pulled a muscle in my butt cheek, as u do, as its been giving me major pain. Could this be related to the Cancer or just my imagination running wild now?

Sorry for all the questions, I just feel so alone xxxx


i am going through exactly the same and awaiting, staging it is so stressful isn't it and the wait is just mind numbing as are the what if's, I'm not the best one at the moment to support you but wanted to let you know you are not alone so we must be going through a natural process of anxiety and worry, my bioposy was quiet traumatic and fell rather sore with bleeding and my knees and back achy, I wish you the very best and if i can anthing you which isn't much but listen at the moment then I'm here, x

Speed is very.important in cancer care so if it's fast you are being well looked after and that's what you need for a good outcome. 

Good luck,

Karen x 

Thanks for your kind words. Do you know what, my knees n side have been really sore too, to the extent that ive had to get in my car by sitting on seat n then pulling legs in lol. But I managed to fall couple of days after Biopsy so had just put it down to that. Might have been both things now. 

Sounds like we are at the same stage so please mind, im here too if you need anything.

Yeah I suppose so, still think its me trying to get my head around things x

Dear Dorren

 i hope you are feeling a little better today, I have got my results snd it is cancer but as the other ladies pointed out to me once you know it does become easier, I feel now in fighting spirit whilst all week could barely lift my head and all of the New pains I developed have disappeared, i wish you the very best possible results x

Hi Doreen,

Just to clarify Petesdragon's comment for the benefit of all you newly disgnosed women. Once cancer has been diagnosed then things move fast until it has been staged. Then, depending upon the staging, things might slow down a bit. I felt that I needed to say that because some are worried that things are moving "very fast" and others are worried things are not happening fast enough.

Until you have had all your scans and the precise extent of the disease is known, it is really very easy indeed to assume the worst and to convince yourself that every single little ache and pain must be cancer. Usually it isn't, but you are stressed and hyper-aware of your body's imperfections just at the moment. try, if you can, to look at the whole process as an adventure.

Be lucky :-)