Wait is killing me...

I had a colcoscopy and LLETZ under GA following an unsuccessful colcoscopy in clinic, this followed smear results of servere dyskaraosis and they also found a lesion that keeps bleeding. On my post op notes on the 17th it said they removed a suspicious lesion at 1pm and I had a womb biopsy the week precious because I have been bleeding constantly since February, sorry for my ramblings I have kept it all bottled up to myself for months. Any way I got told they would write to me with my results but I got a letter yesterday asking to see me friday to discuss my results and I now feel worried scared and tearful , I am blessed to have 6 children and one is disabled but I am a single parent and all I keep thinking is what if . Is it normal to feel this way ? Sorry for babbling

Big hugs to you. Yes very normal to feel how you do. Waiting is the hardest part, you just want to know don't you and our minds get carried away with itself. Try not to worry I know hard xxxx 

Yes you are describing just how I felt, it is scary and you are wondering why they want to see you. We all struggle with waiting for these kinds of meetings and so go easy on yourself. One step at a time. If you can confide in anyone, a friend or relative, you may find it helpful. I didn't want to at first however I really appreciated the support when I did tell people. Hugs to you, the meeting will come around just keep breathing and take it one step at a time. If you are thinking What If try a bit of What If it is fine? What if a simple procedure fixes me? What if the doctors are amazing and they will look after me and no matter what  I'll be all fixed soon? Xxx

Had my appt today and they gave me the news that its cervical cancer but they caught it early so just focusing on the getting better x thank you for your kind support

Sorry to hear this. Sending hugs and best wishes xx

Sorry to hear the diagnosis. So happy they caught it early. They have v good outcomes in the early stages, keep that positive thinking and we're all here for the ups and downs on the way. xx

Thanks for letting us know, treatment is normally very efficient and fast although a rollercoaster of course. Xxxxxxx

Sorry to hear that but great they caught it early. 

will be a shock to you at the moment you will have good days and bad ones. Try to stay away from google post any questions on here. Keep busy and keep doing the things you enjoy going out etc. Waiting for treatment is hard so doing things to make time go quicker will help. Be kind to yourself xxxxx

Sorry to hear your diagnosis. Let us know what the next steps are. I had 1a1 treated with just surgery so if you find yourself in the same situation feel free to ask me anything you like :). Big hugs xxx

mri booked for wednesday..... referred to ipswich hospital for a hysterectomy, they said they will do a biopsy of that to determine whether i need radiotherapy ..... so taking one day at a time :)

best way to take each day as it comes... Enjoy the good days and there will always be people here who understand if you need to talk

take care xx