No explanation but cin definitely seen


i had a high grade severe dykarosis and hpv positive result of my first smear.

had colposcopy with biopsy's taken the doctor said definite cin detected but I was not offered treatment there and then.

he actually didn't explain anything so I left still in the dark confused and so scared I'm a single mum of two and I suffer with severe health anxiety so this is just horrific. 
If it was bad would I have received treatment straight away?

I know biopsy results takes ages to come back but would I have some sort of explanation sooner


thank you 

so worried 

Hiya Millmam, 

I think sometimes the best results are from the biopsies- my biopsy result was quite different from my smear and colposcopy. Maybe that's the reason he didn't explain ( still should have talked to you though). 

I phoned the secretaries/ nurses when I was worried in addition to coming on here. Do you think that might help ?

Wishing you all the best luck and support. If you'd like to, tell us what happens 

The medics are super careful to keep you safe 


Hi Millmam29,

Sorry to hear you're feeling so anxious. I totally understand, it is a stressful process to go through. You should really have been given more information at your appointment. I think the advice above about ringing the clinic to get clarification is a good idea.

From my experience I can say that the systems in place are very thorough so if you're doctor felt treatment was needed straight away then I'm sure you would have received it. I also know that if anything which needs urgent attention comes up in the biopsy you are likely to get the result much quicker. I think the results come through more quickly than we get to know but it takes a while to process and those who need urgent attention will hear within a week or two. So if you're result takes a while to come back then try to remember that's a good sign!

Also, the screening program is designed to catch abnormalities early. Any abnormality which is detected can be treated long before it causes any issues. Many abnormalities will get better on their own anyway so rest assured if you do need treatment you will be offered it in good time. I have no doubt.

Let us know how you get on.



Hope you are ok! Just wanted to add in that my hospital isn't a see and treat clinic. They take biopsies then invite you back for treatment, I can't remember the reason why I just remember the nurse telling me beforehand that they would just have a look and if need be take a biopsy and then wait for results as to if I required treatment or not. As like previous poster has said if it's CIN1 your body has a chance to fight the abnormalities on its own and can resolve themselves x

Hi everyone

thank you for your support and reply's my hospital I've come to realise is not a see and treat hospital as stated above so fingers crossed il find out soon I'm going to give them a call or my gp today and hopefully get some more information about how it went as I've been suffering with vertigo I think due to my anxiousness fingers crossed il keep you guys updated. 

thank you 



Hi all 

I contacted the hospital but she couldn't give me much info as my biopsy's aren't back however she said the gyne stated he basically agreed with my smear results but again she couldn't confirm much :( so just the waiting game xx